Generally, a software update improves the UI experience or adds nifty features to a phone. But that’s not what happened to some iPhone 8 users. According to some reports, iPhone 8 displays are becoming unresponsive to touch after the iOS 11.3 update. The devices affected are those that have had third-party displays installed.


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What’s the problem?

Users who have had iPhone 8 display repaired from local repair shop instead of affiliated Apple stores were left stranded with inactive displays after the latest iOS update. No warning sign was flashed beforehand, and there are videos circulating on the web that show the display is on but not responding to touch whatsoever.

Apple began the roll-out its new build of iOS 11, version 11.3, from March 28 onwards. The update shows the iPhone battery health information and turn-off the slowing down of phones to compensate the battery performance, which Apple was caught doing last December.

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The solution is, of course, to get replace the screen again with original panel. This isn’t the first time that iPhone display has gone unresponsive post a software update.

The same act was repeated for iPhone 7 users last year, where an iOS update prevented the third-party touchscreens on the device from working. Back then, Apple soon released a follow-up software update that made them work again, resolving the issue. We do expect the same this time around as well.

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