Apple iOS 10.3 update roll out started earlier today which comes with few improvements for Airpods and CarPlay. What’s really interesting to see is Apple making shifting from Hierarchical File System (HFS) to its new Apple File System (AFS) with this new update.

The HFS was in play for a 31-years for the company’s devices, which are now headed towards the AFS.The AFS was showcased by the Cupertino-based company at last year’s WWDC and has been designed keeping in mind the current crop of Apple products that includes the iPads, iPhones Apple Watches, Macs and Apple TVs.

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The older one (HFS) was aimed at Macs with floppies and/or hard disks, and was clearly not meant for new age devices sporting a fixed, dedicated storage space.

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Although Apple tried to improve things a bit with its successor, the HFS+, it was still not up to the mark.

The AFS comes in with an encryption as a primary feature and utilizes the flash or SSD storage(s). It also supports features that include snapshots, meaning it would make it all the more easier for the users to retrieve data in the future.


Furthermore, it has been designed to a low tendency, thereby improving read and write speeds, a feature which we already privy to, courtesy Apple’s show at the WWDC.

Not only that, with the advent of the iOS 10.3, users may actually see an increase in their device’s storage capacity (although to a very small extent).

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Apart from these, it is highly unlikely that we may see any other updates/upgrades from the iOS 10.3, but it may very well be a founding space for Apple’s vision of switching full-time to 64-bit apps (that can very well be featured in the iOS 11 now).


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