Yes, specs are half the picture and yes, Apple has exemplified this statement rather convincingly by delivering a second to none performance with just 2 cores and 1GB RAM, but we would say it was about time.


A new finding by developer Hamza Sood confirms the presence of 2GB RAM in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and 4GB in iPad Pro, which the Cupertino giant is projection as a desktop alternative. Compared to previous generation iPhones and iPads, RAM capacity has been doubled.

Ram affects the number of apps you can keep in active state on a device. With less RAM, you can’t get back to the point you left and apps would need re-loading every time you wander away. iPhone has been doing just fine with 1GB RAM since iPhone 5 days, but complaints about RAM deficiency have grown with the last generation iPhones, especially iPhone 6 Plus.

No, Apple is not simply playing to the gallery here. The new iOS 9 and its split screen multi-tasking features would surely benefit from all the additional RAM available.

On the other hand, Android is still much more obsessed with RAM capacities and part of this stems from necessity (Android and RAM management woes have been around forever). In fact, Apple’s arch nemesis Samsung recently started mass producing 6GB LPDDR4 RAM chips for smartphones, which for now seems like too much of a good thing.




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