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Airtel is picking up pace to go nationwide with its VoLTE services. The firm first announced a VoLTE Beta program in as many as seven states, in order to test its network stability and to clear out bugs. These seven states include West Bengal, Orrisa, Assam, Kerela, Bihar, Punjab and Andhra Pradesh. Now, Airtel has silently started enrolling people for VoLTE beta testing in Delhi-NCR and Rajasthan circle as well.

As part of the beta program, Airtel users in these states can benefit from 30GB of free internet data. All they have to do is enrol into the program and provide feedback on their usage.

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How to Enrol For Airtel’s VoLTE Beta program And Get 30GB Free Data

1. Ensure you have 4G VoLTE Phone

In order to verify that your handset is 4G VoLTE compatible, Settings > Mobile Network > Turn on VoLTE call. If you are an iOS user head on to Settings > Mobile Data > Mobile Data Options > Enable 4G > Turn on Voice & Data.

2. Validate Your Airtel Number

Now, go to Airtel VoLTE Beta page and check the validity of your Airtel number.

3. Wait for confirmation

Once you process the validation of your Airtel number, you will get an OTP, which you will have to enter on the website, confirming the participation in the beta program. If you are not eligible, it will show “Hi there! Airtel VoLTE is currently unavailable on your number“.

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4. You will get 10GB Date thrice

If you are eligible for Airtel VoLTE Program, 10GB data will be credited to your number which will be valid for 28 days. Another 10GB data will be credited on providing feedback on VoLTE services at the end of week 4, and another 10GB at the end of week 8. There is only one condition to enjoy Airtel’s free 30GB data, you will be required to share feedback regularly regarding VoLTE services.

Since the Airtel 4G VoLTE is in the beta program, Bharti Airtel does warn its users that those enrolling for the program might have to run into occasional call drops and other network issues.

Last Updated on: April 9, 2018.

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