Acer today hung a price tag to its amped up state of the art gaming laptop, the Predator 21-X, which is also the first laptop with an absurdly cool 21-inch curved IPS LCD display!

Umm.. It will cost $9000! And that’s only the starting price for the variant that reportedly ships with 1TB HDD and 4x 512 SSDs.

Well, Acer knows not many would be willing to spend the absurd amount of money on this marvelously weird gaming machine and that is why you won’t find these on any store shelves and will have to order your own copy.


The guts inside this monstrous delight are astonishingly top notch. Apart from the  2560 x 1080 pixel curved display, you will find 7th-generation Intel Core i7-7820HK Kaby Lake processor, two GeForce GTX 1080 graphics cards linked in SLI configuration, 4 DDR4 RAM slots for stacking 64GB of RAM and provision for adding up to four 512GB SSDs (RAID 0 configuration). Two of the slots can be used for faster NVMe PCIe SSD storage as well.

There is more. Acer also throws in a full-sized mechanical keyboard with customized back lighting and  Cherry MX Brown key switches, built in Tobii eye-tracking, 5 cooling fans, four speakers, two sub-woofers and a numeric keypad that flips over to reveal the touchpad.

The Predator 21-X is, of course, not very portable. Unless you argue that in spite of its massive size and crumbling 17.6 pounds of weight it will be more portable than a similar configuration desktop PC that’s a good $3000 – $4000 cheaper.

Well, if you just got to have one – Acer will start accepting orders in February 2017.

Acer | Predator 21 X Gaming Laptop – Beyond Horizons [Video]


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