George Bernard Shaw once said, “There is no love sincerer than the love of food”. But wait, you can’t have pizza every day and smile your teeth out! As humans, we need variety to appreciate what we are eating. So if you are planning to add dimensions to your food chart or love cooking in your leisure time, you could use a good guide that helps you learn better. Here is a list of selected apps that will add variety to your fooding and help you learn some very interesting Indian dishes that you never knew existed. These apps would simplify your search about the already vast subject of cooking.

1. Cookpad

A Japan-born recipe app that serves as a cuisine repository of dishes from all over the world. Surprisingly, one can find as many Indian recipes on this app, plus an entire section dedicated exclusively to Indian cuisines. This app gives stepwise guidance for every recipe preparation. Apart from the above, one can upload their own recipes and share them instantly via Whatsapp.

Users can also follow other cooks who post their cuisines and get timely updates about their activities. The Cooksnap feature, here, allows the users to share results for each Cookpad recipe trail with others in a section right below every recipe. You can bookmark the recipes that you would like to read later and create your own collection of assorted dishes.

Users can also exchange ideas with other cooks that are on this platform through personal or group messages. And who knows! You might end up making some really good friends with shared interests on this very app! The contents of this app are available on its website in 16 different languages including Hindi. On the website, however, the App support for Hindi is still being worked upon.

  • Download here
  • Play store rating: 4.5
  • Number of downloads: 10,000,000+

2. Better Butter

This app contains over 50,000 recipes and videos in Hindi, Tamil, and Marathi for hassle-free cooking. It is a truly diverse app that maps India across all four corners via all feasible local recipes. You name it, they have it! From Kashmiri Wazwan to Malayalai Payasam, Better Butter has nearly every Indian recipe inside. The app comes in handy for novice cooks, busy moms, and lost recipe connoisseurs.

All recipes that are posted by the users are tested by the Better Butter team for feasibility and quality. Better Butter also runs contests from time to time to raise the spirit of its chefs. The best feature about this app is that it lets users view recipes in “Cooking” mode, wherein one can proceed through the step by swiping across the screen, making it easier to handle the phone while cooking. It also has a ‘vegetarian recipe filter’ on the top of the screen.

  • Download here
  • Play store rating: 4.6
  • Number of downloads: 500,000+

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3. Tarla Dalal

With 17000+ recipes and 7000+ high-quality images, the Tarla Dalal app offers a great variety of dishes for both vegetarian and nonvegetarian food lovers. For those of you who don’t know who she was, late Mrs. Tarla Dalal was a Padmashree Awardee and a familiar name in Indian households.

The app, along with the website holds a sorted collection of recipes by Tarla Dalal up till 2013. The app has a dedicated section for fitness freaks. Recipe of the day slides into the main screen as a part of suggested dishes while related recipes appear at the bottom of the steps. You can post in the ‘comment section’ without signing up for this app. The app’s Cookbook feature allows users to create a collection of their personal favorites from Tarla’s compilations. The app is available for both – Android phones and iPhones.

  • Download here
  • Play store rating:4.2
  • Number of downloads: 500,000+

4. Tadka App

Tadka app brings together over one thousand recipes in Hindi from India. The app lets you save the dishes offline for future use. Be it to impress a food connoisseur or treat yourself over the weekend, this app will help you pick some very original Indian dishes with a personal touch.

This app will be your digital guide to baking a warm and fluffy cake or frying a pomfret. There are 18 different categories under which the food items are covered. One can get the search result for a dish even by giving keyword inputs for a recipe. The user interface is quite lively and interactive in orange and white combo.

  • Download here
  • Play store rating: 4.4
  • Number of downloads: 50,000+

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5. Hebbar’s Kitchen

The Hebbar’s kitchen App offers brief mobile compatible square short videos and step-by-step photo recipes. The recipes available here are not just limited to the Indian vegetarian category and one can expect international vegetarian recipes here as well. The app specializes in South Indian breakfasts, curries, and savory snacks. The Hebbar’s kitchen can work in offline mode for the recipe part. As for the video content, one has to be connected to the internet to access those. Recipes are followed by notes section where tips and tricks to pursue a recipe in the best manner is available. Provision to save recipes or bookmark them is also available in this app.

  • Download here
  • Play store rating: 4.6
  • Number of downloads: 500,000+

6. 21 Frames Homecooking

The Home cooking segment within 21 Frames was specially curated to shape a one-stop app for all desi dish searches. The app features 700+ video recipes that are easy-to-make with readily available ingredients present in almost every Indian kitchen. All of this makes Home cooking nothing short of your personal Chefbot. Get as far as anyone’s heart, including your own through dishes that no rocket science with 21 Frames Home-cooking app. Happy home cooking!


7. Saffola Fit Foodie App

If you are a true food aficionado, then you must be familiar with Saffola Fit Foodie cooking show that stars celebrity chefs like Vikas Khanna and Kunal Kapoor. The perception that fitness and foodieness can never go together is turned upside down on this show. Though, the app segment of this popular cooking show is not as efficient as their website and has a few too many bugs.

The show’s ‘Fit Foodie Meter’ was developed in sync with the Indian Dietetic Association, that gives every recipe within the app a health score based on its nutritional composition. You’ll soon discover that every Fit Foodie recipe fares more than its normal counterpart on the Fit Foodie Meter. Which means that the plate of Chole Bhature that left you guilt-ridden could be made less calorific and more nutrition laden with recipe and techniques from Fit Foodie app. Say cheers to good health with Fit Foodie app, available on both App store and Google play store.

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7 Indian Recipe and Cooking Apps You Should Try In 2021

These are a few apps that you must try if you wish to learn some innovative dishes that you could implement in your daily lives. These apps will also teach you a trick or two on saving cooking time. If you have any feedback, please share with us in comments below. We would love to hear from you!


  1. Wow, amazing article. Thank you so much dear for sharing this wonderful post. I have already downloaded some of these apps like Tarla-Dalal app, Hevvbar’s Kitchen, and Tadka App, I love Tarla Dalal ji’s recipes and I am a huge fan of her recipes. I will really miss them. Thank you so much for this great post. Do, keep sharing.

  2. Wow. these apps are actually genuine and it works very well. You did a great job. keep sharing this type of useful information.


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