Black Shark 2

Now that mobile games have gotten so much hotter, the number of enthusiasts looking for a phone that gives them a definite edge has soared to the extent that this is no longer a market to ignore. Black Shark 2 is one well-balanced gaming phone that should be equally appealing to both gaming enthusiasts and mainstream buyers hankering for some top-shelf performance and a premium user experience.

And on Flipkart’s Big Shopping Day Festival sale starting July 15, you can avail an additional, Rs. 5000 discount on exchange of your old smartphone when you purchase a Black Shark 2, thus reducing the effective cost to Rs. 34,999* for the Shadow Black variant with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage (Buy Here), and Rs. 44,999* for the Frozen Silver model with 12GB RAM and 256GB storage (Buy Here).

At these prices, the Black Shark 2 is an absolute steal for all you PUBG addicts and gaming fanatics. Let’s elaborate why!

AMOLED Display with 240Hz Touch Refresh

Yes, the solid game-centric design with those grippy, frosted edges and charismatic dynamic RGB lighting is what you’d notice first, but once you start using the Black Shark 2, you’d know that it’s the display that takes center stage with customizable controls for a richer viewing experience.

The promising 6.39+ AMOLED screen is free of notch or any other such interruption and is flanked by narrow bezels as is essential to gaming. But the best part is the 240Hz touch refresh rate and the extremely low touch latency. This proves to be a massive advantage while gaming, especially when reaction times matter for that all-important victory.

And even when you are not gaming, the low touch latency makes the phone feel extremely snappy. The display just responds crazy fast to the slightest touch. And thanks to a powerful taptic engine, your touches will occasionally be greeted by a gratifying and deep vibration, adding another dimension to the experience.

Ludicrous Performance

Well, this shouldn’t come as a surprise. The Black Shark 2 is after all a gaming phone, and the performance is expectedly top notch. And that’s because Black Shark uses the best hardware available at its disposal. The handset is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon Elite Gaming 855 flagship chipset. The 2.84GHz octa-core SoC also integrates Qualcomm’s best Adreno 640 GPU for handling graphics, which is why the Black Shark 2 can render those breath-taking visuals while running Asphalt 9, PUBG Mobile or any other demanding Android game for that matter.

Black Shark has gone all out on the memory front as well as. This second generation gaming phone is offered with up to 12GB of RAM and up to 256GB of super-fast UFS 2.1 storage. All high-end games that we tried ran flawlessly, and we even managed to multitask while playing them.

Liquid Cooling

What matters even more than the raw, brute force on a gaming phone is sustainable raw, brute force. The elaborate liquid cooling system on the Black Shark 2 is what makes it stand apart from other mainstream premium smartphones.

The multiple heat dissipation solutions engineered within ensure that the phone runs cool even with extensive gaming sessions. In other words, the performance doesn’t throttle or drop due to heat, even after you have been playing for hours.

Black Shark 2 incorporates the sophisticated 3rd gen liquid cooling technology christened as “Mille-Feuille Full Area Liquid Cooling System”. Essentially, this cooling mechanism includes layers of nanocomposite graphene, a liquid cooling pipe or vapor chamber, a metal piece for heat dissipation, a cold plate and a copper plate. And yes, we can vouch that this complex system yields remarkable results.

And just in case that’s not enough, Black Shark also sells a Cooling Case accessory that is capable of cooling the phone by 10-degrees in 10-seconds.

Shark Space

Black Shark 2 is equipped with a dedicated game mode a.k.a Shark Space to enhance your PUBG or Arena of Valor experience. Simply engage the “Shark Key” trigger positioned to the right side and Shark Space appears.

Here, you will have all your favorite games organized. It closes background apps, turns off notifications, and tweak various elements like touch sensitivity, display mode, vibration and sound settings to ensure you have the best gameplay possible.

You get the option to prioritize between performance and battery life. Choose the Ludicrous mode to crank up the maximum CPU output at 2.84 GHz. This will ramp up the frame rates reflected in substantially smoother gameplay. Want something more? Take the experience up a notch with the Black Shark accessories such as the aforementioned Cooling Case and the Pro Kit.

Excellent Battery Mileage

If the gamers wouldn’t need to push their batteries to the limits, we don’t know who would. And to support such extreme usage of compulsive gamers, Black Shark 2.0 comes with a capacious 4000mAh power unit. It supports both Quick Charge 4.0 and USB PD and the bundled 18W charger can charge it to 65 percent in just 30 minutes!

Needless to say, gamers can indulge themselves to their heart’s content without any battery anxieties.


These are some of the features that make Black Shark 2 an excellent gaming phone, and considering the experience, the price you pay is exceptionally competitive.

Apart from the fabulous gaming experience, the handset covers all other basics you’d expect of a high-end flagship. You get perfect ergonomics for gaming, dual-camera setup with a telephoto lens, powerful speakers, a blazing fast in-display fingerprint sensor, and an intuitive close-to stock-Android software.

If you have been meaning to buy a gaming phone, the Black Shark 2 is an excellent option and we’d recommend that you take advantage of the new Flipkart offer that further sweetens the pot by reducing the effective price additionally by Rs. 5000 on the exchange of your old smartphone.


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