7 Best Fast Same Day Delivery & Courier Apps in India

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Suppose you are an individual or a business wanting to deliver an important document/parcel a few kilometers away (or more) but you can’t make it personally. What would you do? Reaching out to courier services like DTDC or India Post can get the job done, however, it won’t be done on the same day let alone just in a few hours.

Well, if that’s your dilemma, we have you covered. App stores are packed with tons of instant same-day delivery and courier apps that will get your package delivered in a jiffy. We aren’t talking about just the documents but rather say anything from groceries, stationeries, medicines, personal care products, food, and more. Some of the services include buying stuff in-person and deliver right to the recipient’s doorstep. Do you want to know which are these apps? Let’s check out 7 fast delivery apps in India that offer same-day delivery.



Ratings: Android 4.7/5-starts (59.5K reviews) | iOS 4.8/5-star (32.6K reviews)
WeFast is one of the most popular same-day intra-city courier apps that offer 60-90 minutes delivery service at your convenience. Whether it’s an important document or a parcel weighing up to 20Kgs, WeFast lets you courier it to the recipient in a couple of hours with a tariff starting as low as INR 40/-. Whether it’s medicines or documents, if you want to get the delivery partner to pick up something for you, WeFast has your back.

It is available in 22 metropolitan cities – Chennai, Kolkata, Pune, Hyderabad, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, and Bangalore among others. WeFast has couriers on foot and on a bike to carry the load from origin to destination.

‘WeFast’ has been renamed as ‘Borzo’ available on app stores. At the time of writing this, both apps were available simultaneously. So far, it has delivered 1.2M+ packages every month with an average delivery time of 34mins. If you are a business, check out the subscription plans it has to offer.

Download: Android | iOS



Rating: Android 4.5/5-stars (470K reviews) | iOS 4.5/5-star (90K ratings)
Available 24×7, Dunzo is a popular delivery app that lets you courier almost anything. It offers the convenience of online shopping, groceries, instant meat & fish delivery as well as sending packages within the enlisted cities. Dunzo has amassed quite a user base thanks to its crisp marketing, unparallel partnerships and offers from CRED, Simpl, Google Pay, and LazyPay, as well as big discounts on agricultural produce.

Available in 7 major cities – Gurgaon, New Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, and Mumbai, Dunzo offers a hyperlocal and ultra-fast delivery channel which means you get deliveries in 19 minutes (average) while businesses get their delivery services with an average 45 mins of delivery time. It has even partnered with Zomato and Swiggy to satisfy your appetite.

Download: Android | iOS



Rating: iOS 4.5/5-stars (304 ratings)
Pidge is another courier delivery app that lets your business deliver packages and more on-demand. Available in Delhi NCR at the time of writing this, Pidge is an ultimate solution allowing businesses to get documents and other packages delivered while they can handle the business end. It’s a SaaS solution for delivery partners too making it easy to integrate Pidge with several delivery services making it easier for businesses to find delivery partners.

Available on both iOS and Android, the app is super easy to use and charges around 90 bucks for a 4.5 km delivery. Of course, the pricing differs based on the availability of delivery partners, package weight and dimensions as well as distance, to name a few.
Download: Android | iOS

Uber Connect

Uber Connect

Ratings: Android 4.7/5-stars (12.3M reviews) | iOS: 4.9/5-stars (6.3M ratings)
Ola and Uber, are the two well-known on-demand cab services in India that are much in rage. However, Uber has a service for courier delivery too. Dubbed Uber Connect, the service lets you request a ride to carry the package from origin to destination with complete traceability. Just like you would track your journey on an Uber, Uber Connect lets you track your on-demand delivery as it reaches the destination.
Download: Android | iOS

Swiggy Genie

Swiggy Genie

Ratings: Android 4.5/5-stars (7.41M reviews) | iOS 4.4/5-stars (880K ratings)

A part of the food delivery app Swiggy, Swiggy Genie is an on-demand courier delivery app that lets you get your package from point A to B using its vast delivery network. All you need to do is to schedule pickup or drop, select the item, and specify the required details, and bingo, a delivery partner will be assigned to you at the earliest and it’s that easy.

Individuals and businesses can send or receive lunchboxes, groceries, medicines, documents, other foot items, and so on. Moreover, the fare is calculated on a per-kilometer basis just like Swiggy which means you could end up with a cheap cost to get the item delivered, unlike WeFast which charges a hefty sum to begin with.

Downloads: Android | iOS


Saral is an app-based same-day intra-city courier delivery service provider that comes under the shipping company Shiprocket. The app is available on Android as well as iOS platforms. With SARAL, you can ship hyperlocal orders within 50km. The platform has partnered with apps like WeFast, Shadowfax, Dunzo, and more to offer services to the 12 biggest cities- Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Jaipur, Faridabad, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Navi Mumbai, Gurgaon, Pune and Noida.

The app lets you reconcile your cash on delivery orders. Shiprocket has built this app for online shops and businesses that want to boost their customer reach. The pricing varies from region to region while one can also set up daily essential orders via the app.

Downloads: Android

Lalamove India

Lalamove India offers same-day delivery services that too on-demand. It is an app-based courier service that is a one-stop solution for growing businesses and getting things delivered easily. From furniture to clothes, from medical necessities to electrical products, the app delivers everything. Even heavy and bulky items are delivered for some extra charge. They offer the best services for fragile items as well which makes them different from other services. Multi-stop deliveries allow you to choose up to 20 locations in one go. Businesses have the option to choose from customized plans that offer delivery of up to 50 orders in a month.

Downloads: Android| iOS

Bonus: Porter

Ratings: Android – 4.7/5-stars (4.79L reviews) | iOS – 4.9/5-stars (81.7K ratings)

Well, we had to add Porter to the list because of its reliability and versatility. Whether you want to courier a few kilograms or a few hundreds, Porter is a to-go delivery service that lets you choose the mode of transport. Choose a bike for faster delivery while a pick-up truck can carry a bulk and the best thing is, you are charged as you use it and not the same for different mode of transport. Porter is a hyperlocal same day delivery service that you can call blindfoldedly and expect reliable solutions available in 10+ major cities.

Downloads: Android | iOS

Wrapping Up

We have used most of these apps and many will get the job done. Without being biased, Borzo or WeFast (both are the same) stands as a personal favorite because it’s a widely available and trusted same-day delivery app out there. Similarly, Dunzo is hyperlocal which means your pickups and deliveries are fulfilled at lightning speed while others might take a few hours for the same. Uber is among the best ones similar to Swiggy Genie. Porter is a well-established delivery service provider with a huge network and definitely a presence in the enlisted cities.

Which one do you think will get your courier delivered quickly and safely? Do let us know in the comments below.

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