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In India, Xiaomi might be popular as a budget smartphone and television manufacturer but back in China, it is known for offering all sorts of products ranging from wine openers to mattresses, and from Ninebot unicycle to air-conditioners. While Xiaomi has been slowly adding variety to its Indian portfolio, still most of the cool Xiaomi products are not available to buyers in India. Here are some crazy but useful products that Xiaomi offers in China which we wish were available in India.

1. Automatic Soap Dispenser

Back in China, Xiaomi’s large portfolio of devices also includes a soap dispenser. Yes, that’s right, one of the leading smartphone and TV brands also offers an automatic soap dispenser.

It comes with a near-field infrared sensor which enables it to automatically detect hands and then to dispense soap. At the time of COVID 19, an automatic soap dispenser is something we could really use. Hope Xiaomi brings its automatic soap dispenser to India soon.

2. Mi Portable Air compressor

Xiaomi’s portfolio of products also includes a Smart Pump that could be used for inflating flat tires in bicycles, bikes, or even cars. The Mi portable air compressor comes with built-in rechargeable battery, it can achieve maximum pressure of up to 150 psi.

The Smart pump from Xiaomi features a screen to display air pressure. When fully charged, it can refill all 5 tires of a car. It is worth pointing out you can use it while charging.

3. Xiaomi Aqara Smart Curtain Motor

Aqara Smart Curtain Motor is something that Xiaomi should consider bringing to India. Being a hot tropical country, the Sun beats down heavily in India during summers and people could certainly benefit from automating their window curtains.

The curtain motor uses the ZigBee communication protocol which that allows it to communicate with other smart devices at your home. It can be controlled with Mi App. The Aqara Smart curtain motor is almost silent with less than 30dB noise and can retract automatically with a slight pull. In China, Xiaomi retails the Aqara Smart Curtain Motor for a little less than Rs 6,000. 

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4. Xiaomi Portable Juicer

Xiaomi Fruit Juicer is a handy product, especially for bachelors. It is basically a blender in size of a regular glass. It is mainly made of glass with a plastic lid which also houses blades, motor and a rechargeable battery.

There’s a proprietary charger which comes bundled with it. A single charge is good for making 3-4 glass of juice.

5. Xiaomi Smart Faucet

Water wastage is a common problem in modern homes here in India. Back in China, Xiaomi does have one cool product that could help us in addressing the issue. Meet Xiaomi IR water-saving device.

This device can be mounted on most regular water taps to convert them into automatic sensor-based taps just like what you come across in malls and luxury hotels. It is convenient to install, has great battery life and has automatic cut-off to prevent water overflow.

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6. Xiaomi Mijia Smart Door Bell

Xiaomi also has a number of smart security devices in China, one such device is Mijia Smart Door Bell. Though its name only says doorbell it is much more than that. It allows two-way communication just like an intercom, it has a built-in camera with a motion detection feature to capture any movement around your door.

The Mi Smart Door Bell also has infrared Night Vision to record even in dark conditions. It is an internet-connected device so it stores all feed for 72hours on free cloud service. Xiaomi should consider bringing this affordable security device to India soon.

7. Xiaomi Laser range finder

Xiaomi’s Duka LS-P Distance Meter is a laser range finder that can be used for measuring distance. As the name suggests, it emits a laser beam that hits the target, reflects back and is then captured by the inlet optoelectronic component. The time taken in the process is used to calculate distance.

It can measure up to 40 meters distance accurately on a single tap. It has anti-sweat, anti-corrosion properties and weighs only 28 grams which makes. It has a 200mAh battery built-in which can last for 3500 measurements on a single charge.

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8. Xiaomi Walkie Talkie 2

Netflix’s Stanger Things takes us back to the nineties were push-to-talk walkie-talkies were very popular. Well, recently Xiaomi launched Walkie Talkie 2 in China with some hefty additions and we hope Xiaomi decides to bring it to India.

The Mijia Walkie Talkie 2 features a 1.77-inch LCD screen. The new push-to-talk device uses UHF-VHF dual-band to connect within the range of up to 6km. The second-generation Xiaomi Mijia Walkie-Talkie also includes an FM radio and Bluetooth. It is IP65 water-resistant and includes a 5200mAh battery. One can connect walkie-talkie with Mi app to share location and communicated without network.

9. Xiaomi 20W Wireless Car Charger Mount

Xiaomi introduced a wireless car charger with a phone mount last year. It is super impressive as it comes with an auto-sense motorized grip. Sliding in the phone or pulling it out is an easy process. The Qi-certified car charging mount supports 20W quick charging.

It is easy to install and works with most supported wireless chargers. It can be mounted on the air-condition vents or can be fixed on the dashboard. Slot in your phone, and it will slide back in to reach the perfect size. That’s an incredibly smart way to make these work, and I’m surprised this isn’t common by now.


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