Sound Mixers

This list contains 38 Sound Mixers in India. This price list was last updated on Jun 22, 2022.

Top 3 Sound Mixers are as follows:
  1. SoundCraft Ui24R Sound Mixer
  2. SoundCraft EFX12 Sound Mixer
  3. Kadence KAD-MIX-MX400 Analog Sound Mixer
Sound Mixers Price List
Sound MixerPriceAvailable From
SoundCraft Ui24R Sound Mixer₹85,271Jun, 2020
SoundCraft EFX12 Sound Mixer₹24,767Jun, 2020
Kadence KAD-MIX-MX400 Analog Sound Mixer₹1,780Oct, 2020
Ahuja DMX-22 Digital Sound Mixer₹2,360Dec, 2019
SoundCraft Signature 12 MTK Sound Mixer₹29,999Jun, 2020
SoundCraft EPM12 Sound Mixer₹20,088Jun, 2020
SoundCraft Notepad 8FX Sound Mixer₹10,599Feb, 2022
SoundCraft EFX8 Sound Mixer₹19,534Jun, 2020
SoundCraft Signature 16 Sound Mixer₹51,767Jun, 2020
SoundCraft EPM8 Sound Mixer₹16,098Jun, 2020
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38 Sound Mixers
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