OTG Pendrive Price List

The evolution of technology has made smartphones as important as our PCs. OTG stands for On the Go and OTG pendrives make sharing data directly from phone very convenient. OTG Pendrives curated below will be compatible with supported Android phones. There are wide varieties of Pendrives that offer good storage capacity at a fair price. The price of the Pen drives varies with Brand and storage capacity. While choosing a pen drive one must go with a respected brand that offers warranty.

There are different types of Pendrives that buyers can get according to their needs. Varying options include slider Pendrives, dual-port Pendrives, OTG pen drives with metal casing, plastic built options, and even funky figurines with concealed ports.

Here’s a price list of best OTG pendrives currently available in the market.

OTG Pendrive Price List
Pen DrivesPriceAvailable From
HP x304m Type C OTG 32GB Pen Drive₹949Mar, 2020
HP x304m Type C OTG 128GB Pen Drive₹3,370Dec, 2019
Strontium Nitro OTG 128GB Flash Drive₹1,599Sep, 2019
SanDisk Ultra Dual 32GB Pen Drive₹579Jul, 2019
SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive 256 GB Pen Drive₹2,999Jul, 2019
SanDisk Ultra Dual Type-C 256GB Pen Drive₹3,099Jul, 2019
SanDisk OTG Dual Drive 128GB Pen Drive₹1,399Sep, 2017
SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive 128GB Pen Drive₹1,515May, 2017
SanDisk iXpand Mini Flash Drive 64GB Pen Drive₹2,799May, 2017
SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive 64GB Pen Drive₹838Jan, 2017
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