Mouse Price List

A computer mouse is the most often used handy accessory for your laptop or a computer. They offer more productivity compared to the touchpad of your laptop. Not only you may use a mouse for computers but also you may use it with your gaming console that makes gaming more interactive. 

You get the option of choosing between a wired and wireless mouse with your own comfort. If you want a hassle and tangle-free experience then the wireless mouse is your call. Or else, you can get your work done using a wired mouse. In comparison to the wired mouse, a wireless mouse costs slightly more. A wired mouse needs less maintenance than wireless mice. Wired mouse comes with a USB cable and connects to a USB port on a computer. Whereas wireless mice need batteries to work and a connector. 

A computer mouse is available in optical and laser options. It operates by tracking in “dots per inch” (or dpi). An optical mouse tracks between 400 and 800 dpi whereas a laser mouse mostly tracks more than 2,000 dpi. For gamers and graphic designers a laser mice is recommended.

Down below is the list of the best computer mouse with detailed specifications and pricing from popular brands like Logitech, Dell, Asus, HP, etc. Your search for a computer mouse might settle here, as we have listed the best options with user reviews and ratings. Compare and then buy computer mouse available at the best prices across different online stores.

Mouse Price List
MousePriceAvailable From
Zebronics Zeb Dash Wireless Optical Mouse₹246Sep, 2019
Zebronics Zeb Rise Wired Mouse₹99Dec, 2020
Intex Mouse Optical Pearl IT-OP36 USB Wired Mouse₹120Jun, 2015
Lenovo 530 Wireless Optical Mouse₹849Jan, 2021
Artis WM60 Wireless Optical Mouse₹569Jan, 2021
Zebronics Zeb-Zuri Wireless Optical Mouse₹499Jan, 2021
Enter Click Wired Optical Mouse₹285Dec, 2020
Amkette Hush Pro Nexus Silent Wireless Optical Mouse₹399Jan, 2021
Foxin FWM9099 Wireless Optical Mouse₹360Dec, 2020
ProDot Comfy Wired Optical Mouse₹190Dec, 2020
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