Xiaomi will launch a host of devices, including the Mi Mix 4 5G, on September 24 in China and these will include the company’s first 8K TV as was confirmed by Xiaomi with an official teaser.

This comes soon after the company launched its 4K TV range and a bunch of other smart home devices in India.

Xiaomi Mi TV 8K features revealed so far

The new Mi TV range will be available in three display sizes – 43-inch, 55-inch, and 65-inch –  and none of the sizes is big enough to warrant that many pixels. Presumably, only the 65-inch model will get 8K resolution. These TVs will have an anodized Aluminum frame and extremely narrow bezels on all sides. The back reportedly has a carbon fiber material.

That’s all we know about these upcoming TVs and perhaps more information shall drip out as we get closer to the launch day next week.

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Do you really need an 8K TV?

New 8K options keep popping up every now and then but the lack of content is an expected limitation. Netflix, Prime, and other popular streaming services are yet to show any inclination to go 8K

But even if you have 8K content (Read: MKBHD YouTube videos), plenty of internet bandwidth to squander, and if money is no bar; you will need at least a 75-inch screen and a very spacious living room to make minimal sense of those many. So for most people, 8K is still an overkill.

If you are buying a TV today or next year, your money would be better spent on bonafide 4K and HDR.



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