Windows Phones To Be Now Called As Windows 10 Mobile

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Mobile phones have always been named differently, thought his effort by the mobile phone companies goes unnoticed by the users. Name has it all, as we say it. The name of a product is equally responsible for the success of the same as the specifications and features of a product. Now speaking strictly of smartphones, names of these smart devices are a real conceptualization and thrill packed together in a set of word(s).

microsoft lumia 640 release date

Microsoft, which had recently acquired Nokia Lumia series, has been doing pretty well to the Windows based smartphones. Microsoft’s efforts to go big with the future of Lumia family are clearly visible and there have evidences of excellence with a few products like Microsoft Lumia 640 XL. When the smartphones which contained Windows as their DNA, came into being, they were referred to as PDAs. All Windows based mobile phones were called PDAs back then. And then gradually as the mobile phones evolved into smartphones, these smartphones got a new name which made them to be addressed as Windows Phone.

Recently Microsoft has been pretty magnetic for the headlines with back to back smartphone launches and the headline made by the latest OS, Windows 10. As we know of it so far, Windows 10 has not yet officially rolled out for everyone, but it is available in developer mode for a technical preview on both laptops as well as smartphones. Apart from this, Microsoft Lumia 640 and 640 XL, which were announced at MWC 2015 global event, are Windows 10 ready smartphones and as confirmed by a Microsoft official Lumia 640 XL will be among the first few smartphones to get Windows 10. And as the news have it for now, the new name for Windows based smartphones will be Windows 10 Mobile from now on.


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