Vision Pro Unboxing Video Reveals What Users Get In Box, Detailed Reviews Surface On YouTube

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It’s finally the day when Vision Pro’s unboxing videos have hit YouTube, and there are quite a lot of them. Apple seems to have provided some of the most reputed creators and publications with early deliveries. Since this is a first-of-its-kind product, enthusiasts, and customers were waiting for the unboxing videos and subsequent reviews from their favorite creators. That said, the unboxing videos from Marques Brownlee and The Verge reveal almost all aspects of the mixed-reality headset, including what users get in the box and the pros and cons of the “spatial computer.”

What Do You Get In The Vision Pro Box?

As we wrote in a previous report, the Apple Vision Pro’s box is filled with a bunch of items. These include the headset with the Solo Knit Band, a Dual Loop Band, a Light Seal, and two Light Seal cushions (one pre-applied on the headset and the other in a box).

Interestingly, the front part of the device comes with a cover. Further, the battery pack is rated to last two and a half hours on a single charge, along with a USB-C cable and a 30W wall adapter. Last but not least, there’s a polishing cloth.

Vision Pro via MKBHD on YouTube
Vision Pro via MKBHD on YouTube

Apart from all these items, users also get a booklet that contains instructions about setting up the Vision Pro headset. In his video, Marques only covers the unboxing part. However, he also showcases the Zeiss Optical Inserts that attach magnetically to the inner lenses and the $200 travel case sold separately.

The Verge’s Review Discusses The Vision Pro’s Pros And Cons In Detail

In The Verge’s detailed review of the headset, Nilay Patel, the editor-in-chief, mentions some pros and cons of the headset. He mentions how Vision Pro is a virtual reality headset, but the company doesn’t want people to think so. Hence, it’s branding it as a Spatial Computer. Further, he emphasized how the headset constantly reminds us that it uses cameras to view the user’s environment.

Moreover, both these reviewers and many others have covered Vision Pro in detail. And even though the headset isn’t scheduled to arrive in India anytime, there’s a loud chatter about the headset among the tech enthusiasts in the country. Below are the links to some other reviews available on YouTube.

The Vision Pro Battery Pack Has A Removable Cable After All

Per @raywongy on X, the cable connected to the Vision Pro battery pack comes right out. He only inserted a SIM card push pin into the socket next to the cable, and “it popped right out.” Hence, contrary to initial reviews, the cable is indeed separable. Further, this little experiment also revealed the nature of the cable.

Surprisingly, it has a larger Lightning plug than what users got with the iPhone 14 or older models. It is broader than a regular Lightning plug and a USB-C plug. Hence, if the battery pack goes bad, users won’t have to replace the entire battery pack. Instead, they should be able to change the cable.

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