Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max Gets Spatial Video Recording For Vision Pro Headset: Details Inside

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2023 has been a big year for Apple. Earlier this year, Apple took a step ahead in innovation when it announced the Apple Reality Vision Pro Headset and in September 2023, the iPhone 15 Series and iOS 17 were made official. When Apple announced the iPhone 15 Series, the brand also highlighted how the iPhones and other devices will work in tandem with Reality Vision Pro Headset to make lives even more convenient.

The latest development on this front is that the 2nd Beta of iOS17.2 comes with a feature that allows iPhone 15 Pro Max to record spatial videos that can be watched in the Photos app on Apple’s Vision Pro Headset.

Before learning how this can be done, let us first get to know what a spatial video is.

Spatial Video

Those who have watched 3D movies in cinema would have experienced what spatial videos would look like. Avatar released in 2009 let the world know about this new 3D viewing experience. Using the parallax effect of the human eye, 2 cameras are used to shoot during the filming of the movie, and 2 projectors are used to project during the screening. Spatial Videos too use the parallax of the left and right eyes to make people feel stereo.

A spatial video is a video with 6 degrees of freedom, with a perspective that changes as you move.

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How can Spatial Video recording be enabled on iPhone 15 Pro Max?

Spatial video recording can be enabled by going to the Settings app, tapping into the Camera section, selecting Formats, and toggling on “Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro”. Apple claims that to get the best results, the iPhone should be held stable in landscape orientation while recording. The video is recorded at 30 frames per second at 1080p quality and one minute video takes up 130MB of storage space.

The spatial videos made can be viewed on Reality Vision Pro as well as on iPhone but on iPhone, they will look like normal videos. These videos feature a “Spatial” label to denote that they can be viewed in 3D on the Vision Pro.

On the Vision Pro Headset, Spatial Videos are not shown full screen by default. If you expand the video, Apple warns that the video has excess motion and could cause discomfort if expanded.

However, there is still some wait time as users will only be able to enjoy these spatial videos on Reality Vision Pro Headset in 2024 when it officially rolls out for everyone.

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