The new LG Q6 is certainly a path breaker in its category. It is the first mid-range smartphone to sport an 18:9 screen aspect ratio, a privilege that till now was only limited to premium smartphone users. The wide screen display with slim bezel further adds to the LG Q6 appeal.

Though the LG Q6 has a metal rim, the phone mostly made of plastic which makes it prone to scratches and bumps. Fret not! We have got you covered. We have picked the best LG Q6 back covers and cases that are available today that will keep your device safe and secure.

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LG Q6 Rugged Case Cover by Best Talk

This military inspired hybrid case cover adds a surplus protection to your LG Q6 device. The cover comes with a detachable second layer which makes it extra-rigid and extra-protective against any kind of damage. What’s more? It has also got a built-in phone stand which is an excellent companion for long hours of smartphone usage.

The outer-layer of the cover is made of polycarbonate and the inner layer comes in a TPU material. The additional layer not only takes it to military grade but also ensures a better grip.

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LG Q6 Premium Pouch Cover by Emartbuy

This pouch cover is for those who are extra protective of their smartphone. The cover not only adds protection to your LG Q6 but also keep it safe from dirt and dust. The pouch has got a dedicated tag which assists in pulling your phone out of the pouch. Since the phone fully submerges inside the cover, it also protects unwanted pocket scratches.

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LG Q6 Designer Pouch Cover by Emartbuy

Looking to buy a fancy pouch cover for your LG Q6, consider this one. The cover has got the same level of protection level as the above one, but the colourful designs make it more appealing to on the eyes. The cover also comes with a magnetic flap to avoid accidental slip ups and keeps the phone inside completely safe.

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LG Q6 Shockproof case cove by Fabucare

This shockproof cover of LG Q6 will make your phone stand apart in the crowd. All the cornered are well cushioned to protect it from scratches and bumps caused by inadvertent drops. The cover is made of silicon material which is durable, dust proof and stain proof. The flexibility of the cover makes it easy to install and remove it from the phone.

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LG Q6 Tempered Glass

The wide screen of LG Q6 means that it will be more vulnerable to scratches and need extra-protection. To keep it safe and smooth for long time use tempered glass on top of it.

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