Apple has had all eyes on itself ahead of one of the biggest launch events of 2015 which was held in San Francisco yesterday. Apple had a list of products to be unveiled in the event. While Apple had disclosed the new wearable smart gear, the laptop segment of Apple had a new inductee too. And what an induction this was, a real head turner. It is the world’s thinnest MacBook with no cooling fan rested inside.


The existing MacBook is already one of the slimmest laptops available and this new MacBook is claimed to be 40% thinner than the previous one. The new MacBook is even less than an inch in thickness at its thickest point and weighs just 2 pounds (0.9 kg). Making the laptop this thin required complete redesigns of just about every component, including the keyboard, trackpad and battery.


The keyboard, for example, uses a new butterfly mechanism for keys. It uses a single assembly that’s four times more stable than a traditional scissor mechanism, while being 40 percent thinner. Each key is backlit and has larger face area.

The new trackpad no longer has a top hinge to physically click down. Instead you’ll be tapping on the pad, which uses four Force Touch sensors that sense a range of pressure from the lightest click to a deeper press that Apple calls Force Click. And the battery is a matrix of multiple power sheets which would provide 9 hours of wireless web use as claimed by Apple.




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