Sony turned up with a very interesting experimental home device, the Xperia Touch, at MWC 2017 – An android based projector that could convert any display into a touch screen! And it will hit retail shelves sometime later this year with a price tag of $1587 (Roughly Rs. 1,06,000).


The portable projector can project a 720p screen, or rather touchscreen, and has an infrared sensor that can be used to detect your touches. This touch screen has a custom designed, Android-based interface that you can maneuver. So you can play videos, scroll through web pages, skype or even play games by projecting a screen on any surface. Basically, the promotional video below explains how this works

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Sony Xperia Touch – Make surfaces come to life

Suppose you use it to project an image at a maximum height of 80-inches, the touch won’t work as the display won’t be in close proximity to the IR sensor. And is such situations, you could also rely on a regular Bluetooth controller to cruise through the interface.

For now, Sony Xperia Touch looks like a really cool piece of technology for early adopters but we are not really sure why you would actually need one.

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