Samsung Galaxy S4, latest in Samsung flagship phone, called the “Life Companion” is finally here. Samsung gave an hour long presentation in New York for the launch of its 2013 flagship. For those readers who are in haste and are looking for a quick glance at features, can watch the video below.

Galaxy S4, is a successor in the Galaxy series of Samsung, with its predecessor being S3. At first glance, by just looking on specs, one can say, there is not much being offered for a premium range smartphone. I know I did. But worry not, S4 is completely power packed with numerous software tweaks and features. Don’t worry this is not a post by a Samsung fanboy. Here at Smartprix, features, specs and lowest prices are what matters the most. To see what is new from the previous flagship S3, check out here.


Galaxy S4 has the same dimensions as S3, although having a larger Super AMOLED screen (5 inches). With bigger screen comes better resolution of 1080x1920p. It is definitely thinner and slightly lighter than S3. Although such slight differences does not affect general user.
Samsung Galaxy S4


S4 is going to ship with either Exynos 5 Octa or SnapdragonS4 Pro Processor depending on location. The processors are either 1.9GHz quad-core processor / 1.6GHz Octa-core processor (will differ depending on market). Add 2 GB RAM to this phone, numerous sensors and 2600mAH battery and voila, you have a beast to beat the rest in market. For a complete look at the specs, click here.
Galaxy S4 Specifications

Special Upgrades

The improvements in design and processor is not much from the previous generation of Galaxy Series. The special feature is the new 13 MP rear camera with better hardware and major software changes. It seems that Samsung has paid huge attention to software improvements this time and various new features in other categories is also there. In camera, there is a Dual Shot mode in which both front and rear camera function together in some pre-defined template. Also there are other modes such as eraser mode, and Cinema shot are nothing new. They are exactly the same what Nokia offered in its flagship phone Lumia 920. Along with this are Barometer, Temperature & Humidity, Gesture and IR sensors in companion with the accelerometer, gyrometer and proximity sensor.


The S4 comes with Android 4.2.2, the latest android version. It is a good thing as not many new phones are coming with the latest versions. But Samsung has released various software tweaks and utility. It can either be seen as a gimmick or something really interesting, nevertheless there are some extraordinary features here. One of such tweaks is Air Gestures, where you can swipe your screen without actually touching it. It is gimmicky but what to say, it could be fun to use. You never know, few months from now you can see people on the street waving to their phones. Next in line is Air Views, the same feature that was in Note 2. Just hover your finger over the screen and you can see more information regarding emails, dates, etc. For the health conscious there is a new feature called S Health. S4 now comes with built in pedometer and sensors for temperature and humidity. S4 is now your personal fitness tracker. After getting tired from that fitness regime of yours time to hit the idiot box. Here comes the Universal Remote TV Guide feature in S4. Embedded inside the S4 is an IR sensor that can be used with any television system. Some minor changes in the settings swipe down menu is also made. Now you can see loads of settings shortcuts instead of the basic 5 connectivity shortcuts.

Wrap up

So with minor improvements to hardware and tons to the software, here is the new Samsung Galaxy S4 for you. Samsung has taken an evolutionary leap in the software department while giving the best hardware features. Samsung really has taken extraordinary measures in their software and applications section. It is not wrong to say that it is the best Galaxy ever, but shouldn’t this be true for any new flagship phone. Nonetheless, it is the users who will decide the fate for S4. With Samsung’s name, a synonym for android now a days, and by looking at the success of S3, no doubt this phone will succeed. Do tell us in the comments section below, could S4 be a device that could make you think twice before your next purchase.

Samsung Galaxy S4 expected price in India is Rs. 45,000. According to IBNLive, the Samsung’s Flagship, Galaxy S4 will launch in India on April 25 and will be available in stores from April 27. Click here to know more about it.


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