Samsung could use the Exynos 2200 chipset not just within its phones this year, but also inside Windows laptops. Yes, as per a new report, we are likely to see Samsung’s first laptop processor, the second half of this year. So, the South Korean giant seems to be aiming for something like Apple’s M-series of processors that would power multiple device types. A multi-device chip, if you will. Moreover, this silicon is also expected to house an AMD GPU.

The new bit of info on Exynos 2200 comes from The Korea Economic Daily. “The new Exynos will offer improved functions, including extraordinary computing power and battery efficiency, by utilizing a 5-nanometer processing technology. It’s good for both laptops and smartphones,” says sources close to the matter according to the Daily.

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So, to recap, here’s what we know. Later this year, probably in H2, 2021, we could witness a platform agnostic processor from Samsung titled Exynos 2200. This could be ARM-based like Qualcomm Snapdragon 8Cx found within the brand’s Galaxy Book S. But, a more appealing counterpart would be Apple’s M1 which is employed within Macs, MacBooks, and iPads. Samsung however, is more likely to kick off with an Exynos 2200-based laptop. And it’s only in next year’s Galaxy S22, when we could finally find the chip inside a Samsung phone.

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Furthermore, what makes things even more interesting is the rumored inclusion of AMD GPU on this Exynos wafer. We have seen AMD Radeon graphics work with Windows 10 before, still we are eager to try what Samsung’s cooking in its fabs.

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