Qogno, a shared digital infrastructure solutions provider, showcased 18 Solutions at the recently concluded India Mobile Congress, 2019 and announced three key partnerships with tech giants such as HP Inc., Trans Data Management Ltd (TDM) and Global Networks Inc.

The highlighted solution from Qogno at the event were smart towers that are modular connected towers targeting smart cities. These towers can host more than 45 components including citizen service kiosks, 5G ready small cells, four-way solar charging smart LED lights, Wi-Fi hotspots, surveillance cameras, dynamic digital displays, PTZ cameras, public addressing system, drone charging pads, and digital lockers.

At the Hexpo Zone, an IMC and Qogno Initiative to make visitors experience mixed reality, virtual reality and augmented reality experiences to take them into the future of healthcare, education, and mobility in our cities and digital villages. Visitors were also encouraged to build and experience their own smart cities via VR and MR.

Qogno showcased two clusters: the Digital village cluster that included four partner startups to exhibit IoT enabled AI solutions for cattle health management, future-ready farming solutions to the entire agriculture sector, farm management solutions like soil and meteorological sensors for farmers with real-time services and India’s first unmanned tractor; while the smart city cluster included smart charging, smart water sensors, visitor management systems, and so on.

As for brand partnerships, Qogno is HP’s only digital infrastructure OEM partner in India. This association will help Qogno provide cutting-edge computing solutions for the telecom, smart cities, mobility, digital villages and public welfare sectors. TDM is a system integrator specializing in data and telecom-based security and communications solutions. In order to enter the India market, TDM has partnered with Qogno, to help scale their (last-mile connectivity) operations. In addition to this, Qogno also signed a partnership with Global Networks to expand Qogno’s presence in key markets such as Malaysia, Myanmar, and the Philippines.

“Moving from a 30 SFT presence at IMC in 2018 to around 20,000 SFT in 2019, was a tall-task. But, it was a privilege for us to be amongst some of the biggest brands in technology and be able to showcase our products and solutions. The three partnerships we signed this year at IMC will allow us to further our vision in creating a more connected future,” said Gururaj Nayak, Co-Founder and CEO, Qogno. “Our goal at Qogno is to create a shared digital infrastructure ecosystem through partnerships and collaborations. This industry will continue to have a surplus of opportunities, and to move the needle and prepare for a 5G future, we need several companies to come forth and work together,” he added.


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