The re-launch rumors of the PUBG Mobile game in India have been making rounds lately. The game has been called ‘PUBG Mobile India’ earlier, but a new revelation suggests that it will come back under the name ‘Battlegrounds Mobile India’.

A new teaser poster discovered by a microblogging site GemWire strongly hints towards the new name of PUBG in India. GemWire finds the poster from the source code of PUBG India’s official website. The teaser poster can be seen with a player landing through a parachute on a Miramar-lookalike map. The poster also includes the game name Battleground Mobile India mentioned with the ‘Coming Soon’ message. 

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Source: GemWire

Krafton, the parent organization of PUBG, has been in conversation with the Indian central government regarding the return and it has reportedly received the nod for the same. Also, the company has registered a new domain name ‘’ previously in April. Also, a few days back, a video teaser had shortly surfaced on YouTube and since then removed. Whatever the case may be, this has stoked excitement among the avid fans of the game. 

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Since its ban in India last year in September, the game developer has been finding ways to re-enter the country. And now, various hints and speculations are indicating an imminent arrival. 

Whence it does come back, it will have to start from ground zero to reach the user base, it once had. Not to mention, it will have stiff competition from the likes of Call of Duty Mobile, Apex Legends, and even titles like the indigenous FAU-G game which has managed a fair share of popularity in the country. Let’s wait and watch.


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