How to Opt Out Of Personalized Ads On Any Phone

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Have you ever wonder, why the ads interruption while using an app is personalized or based on your interest? That’s because unconsciously you share your data with Google, who then store them in the form of an advertising ID. The advertising IDs is a unique numbers given to the data collected from your browsing habits and history.

Though personalized ads have their own advantages, yet they could feel a bit intrusive. Advertising IDs are used by Google to sell ad space to advertisers by promising that their ads will specifically target the interested audience.

Well, there is a way you can opt out of these re-targeting campaigns. Google has inducted setting into Android that will stop ad tracking. Here’s how to opt out from personalised ads on any phone:

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Step 1: Opt out of Ad

To start with, jump to the setting of the phone. From the settings menu scroll down and tap on “Google”, or simply type it on the search feature at the top. Now, choose “Ads,” then enable the switch next to “Opt out of Ads Personalization.” This way your advertising ID won’t be used by apps from displaying targeted ads.

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For your information, the step will only protect you from targeted ads. You still have to entertain random ads on free apps and your data is still tracked by Google.

Step 2: Reset Your advertising ID

To further strengthen your privacy wall, you can reset your advertising ID. This will delete all your data collected from your app and internet usage but, again it isn’t a permanent solution. The data will simply return to zero, then a new data will be collected using a new advertising ID.

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Since Google will still track your ID even if you opt out of personalized ads, you can reset your IDs on a weekly basis to limit access to your data.

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