Samsung today added a couple more design patents to its kitty. Interestingly, these new patents illustrate the direction in which the curved display on Galaxy phones could evolve towards.


The first design patent shows a flat back and a display that curves and folds to form the side edges extending all the way back. And thus there is no hard button on the sides. You will see a home button right below the display and a rather flat back with a bulging galaxy style camera module.


The second patent reminds of Galaxy Round, a curved display phone that Samsung launched to combat LG G Flex a while back. The horizontally curved display on this design too extends all the way to the rear leaving no room for the side button.

Though Samsung files a large number of Patents every month and there is no assurance of whether these would actually make it to the market, but these new ones do shed some light on where Samsung’s Curved display technology is heading to.


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