Netflix ‘add a home’ feature is rolling out to curb password sharing

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Netflix is adamant about not letting people share their Netflix accounts with ‘n’ number of people as it is eating on their revenue. It has been cracking down on those sharing their passwords by charging them. Cut to now, a new update is currently making its way through the streaming website which makes it quite obvious that you can no longer share your Netflix password with anyone living outside your home without paying for it.

Netflix ‘add a home’ feature rolling out

According to the reports, Netflix is rolling out a feature called ‘add a home’ which restricts users from sharing passwords of their Netflix accounts outside their homes. You can share the password with people living in your home without any hassle. They can watch it on their phones, laptops, tablets, and TV both at home and when traveling with ease depending on their plans.

However, if you are sharing your Netflix account with someone living outside your home, you will have to pay a monthly fee apart from the monthly subscription rental. It is currently $2.99 per home that you will have to pay apart from the monthly subscription amount for adding another home. Depending upon the plans, you will have an upper limit on how many homes you can add.

Netflix 'add a home' feature is rolling out to curb password sharing

For instance, people with a Basic Netflix plan can only add one extra home apart from theirs. A Standard or Premium user can add up to two or three extra homes respectively. As you can tell, there’s an upper limit and each extra home costs you $2.99. The users at the extra home will be able to use Netflix at home or when traveling without any hassle.

Although it is a $2.99 payment per home, it is still way cheaper than an actual monthly subscription at Netflix so picking up this feature does make sense. The Netflix add a home feature is set to start rolling out on August 22 in phases so you will have to wait sometime before getting the feature in your hand. At present, the Netflix add a home feature is available in the Dominican Republic, Honduras, Guatemala, Argentina, and El Salvador with more countries joining soon.

Netflix recently released an ad-supported cheaper subscription plan that allows users to stream content with a dose of ads to make it cheaper.

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