LG Electronics has announced two new TVs from its lifestyle-centric lineup and these are set to hit the market in 2022. Both the new TVs come with catchy names — Objet and StanbyME. And besides the basic TV functionality, they can double as showpieces for your indoor home decor too. Here is more on their features and unique use cases:

LG Objet TV

LG Objet TV comes with a fabric cover. Using the bundled remote, you can shroud half of its 65-inch screen. This cover is interchangeable and you can choose between three colors which are designed by Danish textile innovator, Kvadrat. There is a Full View mode that presents the full screen, and there is Line View mode which presents things like music and weather widgets on the uncovered part while the other portion is veiled by the fabric cover.

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This TV can be either leaned to a wall at a 5-degree angle or buttressed on a stand. Other things you should know about the Objet TV are its use of OLED Evo displays that are LG’s high brightness panels and an 80-watt 4.2-channel speaker system.

LG StanbyME TV

LG’s other piece of TV innovation for the coming year is StanbyME which is a 27-inch battery-powered LCD screen on a stand. The screen is detachable and can be used standalone as a tablet. Yes, there is touch support.

Also, it can be propped in portrait or landscape orientation. On battery, it can last up to three hours. And to top it up you can connect it to the power source within the stand. While seated on the stand (plugged in or otherwise), it can be moved around the room thanks to the wheels of the stand.

Other things in the mix are NFC, a USB port, and at least one HDMI socket.

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Pricing and availability

Although LG Objet is priced around 9.9 million won (~₹6,35,801.96) in South Korea, the pricing and availability of StanbyME are yet to be revealed. We might get some deets at CES 2022.


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