Krafton’s Road to Valor Empires: A Guide to Play Persian Faction Online

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PUBG Maker Krafton announced a new mobile game called Road to Valor: Empires in March 2023 for ios as well as Android users. It is a new player vs player strategy game that allows you to compete with players across the globe. It claims to offer “Stunning graphics, captivating music, and intuitive controls.”

Those who have already played the game know that the title has Roman, Persian, Norman, and Japanese factions, out of which players have to choose from multiple gods, beasts, and mythical heroes to make their armies.

Although regular players know about the strengths and weaknesses of the game, for those who are beginners, Krafton has shared details about each of the guardian’s powers and how these powers can be used to the best of their potential.

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Playing Guide for Persian Faction

The Persian Faction has a diverse army that is led by Cyrus. The faction boasts a range of cavalry, archers, and infantry. The Persians can also access powerful gods, such as Angra, and Spenta, who can wreak havoc on any battlefield.


Cyrus is the king who has conquered the world. Thus, Cyrus can command both humans and war elephants to victory. The king inspires his troops with his bravery and cunning attitude and is always seeking new ways to outmaneuver his enemies on the battlefield. The army of the great king is filled with cavalry, archers, and infantry.

The passive skills of Cyrus reduce the deployment of cavalry time by 50%. His active skills include Reassemble and Elephant Charge. The former skill commands all ally units on the battlefield to charge toward the target area with a 40% increased Movement Speed. It also reduces damage taken by 15% while moving and cavalry units can also charge. The best way to use this power is when players want to direct their units toward a particular area either to attack or defend.

With other skills, Cyrus’s Elephant and 3 royal war elephants charge at the enemy. This reduces MP recovery speed by 75% for 18 seconds. The best way to use this power is when the battlefield is filled with your units so that when the elephants charge, it overwhelms the opponent.

One can command the divine wrath of gods Angra and Spenta to vanquish your enemies and reign supreme.


Angra is the God of torment and death whose touch is enough to torture his enemies and manipulate their minds. Ones who defy him cannot escape their doom as he takes revenge with ruthlessness.

With Angra’s passive skills, players can gain 1 MP for every 40 units defeated (including ally units). Angra also has two active skills which are Command Death & Command Decadence. The Command Death skill casts a curse on all units in the target area for 5 seconds, dealing 6% damage every second with a 35% chance to cause instant death. This can be a great power to defend towers when high HP enemy units are nearby. With this skill, players won’t have to send out their units to defend their towers.

On the other hand, the Command Decadence skill can manipulate enemy units in the target area to attach for 10 seconds. The skill duration is reduced by 50% when cast on enemies in the enemy area. The best way to use this power is when an opponent has just released their units. When this power is in effect, the opposing units will start to attack and destroy their own towers.


Spenta is the goddess of virtue and truth that can empower those who believe in her with her energy of light and life. She embodies the highest ideals of goodness and morality, inspiring her followers to lead virtuous lives and fight for justice.

With its passive skill, players can deploy Archer of the Light every 20 seconds. Her active skills include Holy Blessing and Reincarnation. The 1st one gives her Holy Blessing upon the target area for 6 seconds and recovers HP to ally units by 9 and 1% every 0.2 seconds. With reincarnation for 10 seconds, any ally units defeated are revived in a random ally area after 10 seconds. However, this reduces the max HP of the revived units by 60%.

How to Get Started with Road to Valor: Empires

1. Choose a Guardian

On starting, the game will present you with a selection of 3 playable characters- namely Caesar, Cyrus, and Beowulf. In total, there are 12 characters, with different abilities that users can choose from. Gamers can implement different active and passive skills by choosing different guardians. Using your guardian’s powers at the ideal time can help you win a game.

Every player has 8 slots to fill with different types of units, such as cavalry, spearmen, and infantry. Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses, such as attack damage, HP, attack type, speed, and so on. One can also see the details of each unit before you choose and deploy them.

Choose an army that has a good mix of units-ideal for neutralizing opposition.

2. Upgrade Units

Once you progress in the game, the game will naturally become more challenging, so to match opponents, you will need to upgrade your units and guardians to bolster their attacks and increase their HP. To upgrade and unlock new units, you need gold coins, that you can accumulate by winning battles.

3. Get Good at Strategy

Invest time in learning the strategy to make a strong defense, and pick the right units and tactics. Users can also try different units and guardian combos and pre-set up to 5 armies and play differently every time.

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