iPhone 17: Rumored Specs, Design, Display, Battery & Release Date

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August 27, 2023, that’s the date I penned this roundup on Apple iPhone 17 roundup that means iPhone 15 series is still a few days away. Well, when did that ever stopped rumors from flooding the internet? Turns out rumors around iPhone 16 (2024) and iPhone 17 (2025) have already begun populating. From a larger display to a titanium frame to a faster processor and under-screen Face ID, the iPhone 17 series is speculated to up the game in more ways than you can comprehend. 

Here’s our take on the iPhone 17 series and everything you need to know about the series which will be released two years from now. 

The ‘Display’ Takes The Limelight

For starters, iPhone 17 series will get an all-encompasssing Dynamic Island on all four models. Of course, the one on Pro models will be tadbit smallers and you’ll soon know why.

The iPhone 17 series will be use LTPO panels with 120Hz ProMotiion technology on all four models. Moreover, the bezels will reduce in size giving a perception of a larger and seemingly edge-to-edge display. Here, a purported taller display with a higher aspect ratio can complement the looks as rumored. 

If you aren’t aware, we did a roundup on the iPhone 16 series which shows iPhones are getting taller with an increment of about 0.2” than the iPhone 15 series. It goes without saying, this trend will transcend to iPhone 17 series meaning we could see iPhone 17 at 6.3” while Pro Max jumps to 6.9”.

But we have more. The Cupertino-based giant is working towards integrating its micro LEDs across Apple products. IPhone 17 series appears to be the first to allow for higher brightness levels, true color reproduction, and better viewing angles compared to the current-gen OLED panels. 

Having an under-the-display Face ID onboard iPhone 17 Pro means the actual pill-shaped Dynamic Island will be smaller. The area above Face ID sensor will illuminate as a part of the screen when the former is not in use. 

iPhone 17: Design Upgrades

Remember the vertical camera alignment of the iPhone 12? The seeemingly magnificiant design is making its comback on iPhone 16 and iPhone 17. Of course, it will be isolated to iPhone 17 and 17 Plus given the fact that iPhone 17 Pro and Pro Max have a triple cam setup arrangement and rather just use what’s available today.

Moving on, the iPhone 15 Pro lineup is likely to upgrade to a titanium frame bidding adieu to the old-age stainless steel frame. This makes the upcoming iPhones a bit lighter although I fear this will cause a tad bit increase in pricing since titanium is expensive. A lot of elements in the iPhone 15 series will eventually trickle down to the iPhone 16 and iPhone 17 including the USB-C that replaces the lightning port.

On the front, the phone is getting taller with a higher aspect ratio and a taller display that should avert current Pro Max’s humongous form factor. It also means even the Pro Max will be easier to hold. The integration of Face ID under the display should give an immersive screen real estate although it is isolated to the Pro series while the non-Pro models stick to the old notch unless Apple designs to change it as we have two years for the series. 

The Return of Under-Screen Touch ID

The beloved Touch ID i.e., a fingerprint scanner on iPhones has been long overdue. In September 2021, tipster Ming-Chi Kuo predicted the feature to arrive in 2023 presumably with iPhone 15 series. Apple did test an under-screen implementation on iPhone 13, however, it didn’t go through. 

Turns out the iPhone 17 Pro series could be the first to get Touch ID as per the latest update. Another possibility is that the Touch ID will be embedded on the power button much like iPad Air and iPad Mini. There’s also an under-screen Face ID due to arrive on the iPhone 17 series that we have discussed in the following section. 

iPhone 17 Pro With Upgraded Face ID

Current-gen iPhones have the iPhone X-esque notch on the iPhone 14/15 while the iPhone 14 Pro/15 Pro gets a pill-shaped cut-out housing the front camera, and Face ID among other sensors. Turns out the iPhone 17 Pro will upgrade to an under-the-display Face ID. The 2025 Pro and Pro Max models will get rid of the cutout and instead, use an under-the-display implementation giving you more screen real estate to have an immersive experience. Moreover, there’s more ‘screen’ to enjoy onboard the iPhone 17 series as well. 

iPhone 17: Cameras

Apple upgrades iPhone’s photography performance with every iteration and the iPhone 17 ain’t gonna be different. The upcoming iPhone 15 will get a 48MP primary plus 12MP ultrawide snapper while the Pro gets 48MP primary + 48MP ultrawide and a periscope lens fetching up to 5 to 6x optical zoom as opposed to 4x in iPhone 14 Pro. 

This should put the iPhone 17 series in great shape to receive refined photography hardware and software since we have two years for the series to launch. iPhone 16 Pro Max is speculated to get the biggest periscope lens with a focal length of 300mm (Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra has a 10x zoom with 230mm lens) that should arrive on iPhone 17 Pro Max as well. 

iPhone 17: Specs

It might be confusing for many to understand which phone packs in which processor. To simplify, the iPhone 15 will get an A16 Bionic chip from iPhone 14 Pro. The iPhone 15 Pro will upgrade to a new A17 Bionic chip. Likewise, iPhone 16 gets A17 while 16 Pro will get A18 SoC. Finally, iPhone 17 gets A18 SoC while iPhone 17 Pro gets A19 SoC. 

Talking about the A18 Bionic chipset on iPhone 17 and 17 Plus, it will be based on a 3nm process. It bears model number t8140 and has significant upgrades in terms of performance and power efficiency. There’s no numbers to showcase how good it will be compared to its predecessors but we do know the upgrades will be significant.

Apple iPhone 17 Pro and Pro Max will upgrade to a Bionic A19 SoC, the first-ever chipset fabbed on a 2nm process. Getting the process from 3nm to 2nm brings impressive performance to the north of 15 to 25% and the same will translate to power efficiency. Since battery life has always been a concern for many on iPhones, a 2nm chipset with significantly smaller-sized transistors (than A18) will prove instrumental on many fronts.

Moving ahead, we will have at least 6GB of RAM, probably LPDDR6 (it’s LPDDR5X on iPhone 15 Pro) which means there should be significant improvement in this form as well. Finally, the storage capacities could max at 2TB at least on the Pro models. With the iPhone 15 series dropping soon, we could get up to 2TB of storage and the iPhone 17 series will have the same configuration options minus the base 128GB. However, take all this with a pinch of salt since we are years away from getting our finished iPhone 17 handset. 

iOS 20

People are going crazy over what iOS 17 can do as of now. With that being said, the iPhone 17 series is set to get iOS 20 chronologically meaning both should arrive by September 2025. Of course, Apple will commend iOS 20 in early 2025 where several beta iterations are sent out before a full-fledged iOS 20 public version is launched later that year. 

Custom-made Wireless Modems

Anyone who has followed tech news for a while would know Apple is developing its lineup of modems in-house. These are wireless modems for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in the works that are potentially waiting for the iPhone 17 series to drop by. We could even see 5G modems coming from Apple as well although the current technical glitches and overheating issues have prevented Apple from using the modems in upcoming iterations. Since the iPhone 17 is two years away, we can hope wireless modems will cut.

100% Recycled iPhones

Major organisations around the world are working towards reducing the carbon footprint and one of the major steps towards it is using recycled materials. Apple started using 25 percent of recycled cobalt in its batteries, up from 13% in 2021. iPhone 17 coming in 2025 will be using more recycled materials not limited to rare-earth materials for circuit boards and batteries. 

Apple discontinued packing in charging cables as they add to the carbon footprint of its manufacturing and that’s just the beginning. eSIM is another way to cut back on plastic-based reusable SIM cards as the eSIM chip embedded in the system can do it all without needing any physical swap. 

iPhone 17 Series Release Date

iPhone usually makes its debut in September or October each year and the iPhone 17 series won’t be any different. For instance, the iPhone 14 made its debut on Sep 16, 2022; iPhone 15 series on Sep 13, 2023 (unofficial). As you can see the trend, the iPhone 17 is more likely to release in September 2025 although there are no dates to back it up at the time of writing this. 

iPhone 18 & 19 Rumors

According to Ross Young’s timeline, the iPhone 18 series will stick to a pill-shaped cut-out with an LTPO panel whereas the iPhone 18 Pro sticks to an under-the-panel Face ID with an LTPO panel much like iPhone 17 series. However, with iPhone 19 scheduled for late 2027, things can be a bit different. 

The timeline says iPhone 19 & 19 Plus will get upgraded to an under-panel Face ID while iPhone 19 Pro & Pro Max will upgrade to an under-screen Face ID plus front camera too. Of course, this timeline is a bit speculative so I would recommend taking it with a pinch of salt at the moment.


Apple comes up with a bunch of patents and feature announcements; there are countless rumors even before an iPhone is launched and the iPhone 17 series is no different. The aforementioned is just the tip of the iceberg, there’s a lot to discover when it comes to unearthing everything you need to know about the iPhone 17 series. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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