Instagram Users Could Soon Generate Messages With AI

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Meta is always working on new features for its lineup of social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Recently, the company also released its first AI assistant, Meta AI, which was seen in the famous Meta Smart Glasses in collaboration with Ray-Ban. Now, a developer has spotted Instagram’s “Write with AI” feature in action.

Mobile Developer Shares Screenshots Of Instagram’s “Write With AI”

According to known mobile developer and reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi, Instagram is working on the ability to write messages with the help of artificial intelligence. Theoretically, the feature should function similarly to how chatbots like Gemini and ChatGPT generate text based on a command. However, Instagram could be working on suggestive messages that generate replies based on the current conversation.

In response to a comment, Paluzzi elaborates that the feature could help users paraphrase their message in different styles and tones, similar to how Google’s Magic Compose works. In other words, the feature should be able to stylize users’ messages into different tones like friendly, formal, informative, neutral, and more. Further, Paluzzi has also uploaded a screenshot of the “Auto Replies” feature that automatically responds to messages in chats.

It is important to mention that Instagram can already generate messages via Meta AI. In the region where the feature is available, users can tag Meta AI in a chat along with their query, and the AI chatbot responds. Instagram mentions that the chatbot can only read messages where users tag it. Further, other social platforms like Snapchat and X also have their own AI chatbots in place. While the former utilizes My AI for free, Grok AI is available to paying subscribers.

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