There are times when you want a link to open in, say, Chrome browser and instead, much to your chagrin, it would divert to default stock Android browser. So how can you set Chrome browser as your default browser, or perhaps any other App as the default one? The process is rather simple one.


Method 1

Follow these steps:

Step 1: Open settings menu and navigate to ‘Apps’


Step 2: swipe to reach ‘All Apps’ Tab and locate the app which is presently the default app


Step 3: Tap the app to open the app info page and select ‘Clear default’ option.

So basically you have to reach the App info page, which most third party launchers allow you to do from the home screen itself. Next time you try to open a link or perform related action, your Android will give you list of all viable apps, and you can mark any one as the default one.

Method 2

Well… there is another way out too. You can always delete the app set to default, but that is not always an option. If it is a preloaded app or an app you don’t want to delete, do the following.


For instance, if you want to change default settings for a particular app, say, a browser, just download another browser. The next time you open a link, your Android will prompt you to select a particular app. You can then delete the unwanted app.

That’s It. You are done


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