How To Create a WhatsApp Channel on Android, iOS, WhatsApp Web & Desktop?

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Whatsapp has introduced a new feature called ‘Channels’ to all WhatsApp users. It’s dubbed as a new avenue to interact with people on a global scale. You can join channels created by others such as actresses, actors, other celebrities, sports personalities, news publications, and so on.

The advantage of using WhatsApp Channel is that you remain constantly updated with whatever the creators put online. For instance, SRK will announce the upcoming movie or release a teaser on his WhatsApp Channel. Since we are users, we use WhatsApp pretty much every day. It becomes a to-go channel to showcase updates with a high readability. However, you can’t respond within the channel, and neither you can get their WhatsApp phone numbers. Additionally, all the messages are encrypted providing the required defense against intruders.

Psyched about WhatsApp Channels? Let’s dive into how you can create a WhatsApp channel on Android, iOS, WhatsApp Web, and Desktop using the instructions mentioned below.

How To Create a WhatsApp Channel on Android?

Step #1: Launch WhatsApp on your Android phone and proceed to the ‘Updates’ tab that replaced ‘Status’.
Step #2: Scroll to find the ‘+’ sign under Channels and click on ‘New Channel’.
Step #3: Next, tap on ‘Get Started’ and follow the onscreen prompts as said.
Step #4: You need to enter the channel’s name to finish the process. You can change your channel’s name at any time.
Step #5: You can customize your channel with the icon (featured image) and description as you like that others will read whenever they land on your WhatsApp channel.
Step #6: Finally, tap on ‘Create Channel’ and you have successfully created a new channel on WhatsApp.

How To Create a WhatsApp Channel on iOS/ WhatsApp Web/ Desktop?

If you are searching for how to create a WhatsApp Channel on iOS, remember that the procedure mentioned above applies to iOS as well. You can use it across Android, iOS, and WhatsApp Web/Desktop versions given the fact that WhatsApp largely uses the same UI/UX across various platforms. The only distinction is in Step #1 i.e. for iOS, you need to open WhatsApp on your iPhone/iPad, and for WhatsApp Web/Desktop, you need to repeat the same steps but on your PC/laptop.

Why I Don’t Get The Option To Add WhatsApp Channels?

You read the instructions above and attempt it to create a channel of your own. However, no matter if you force-stop WhatsApp, install an update, or click on every option available, there’s no option to ‘Create Channel’. What would you do?

You don’t need to panic as the WhatsApp Channels are rolling across devices as we speak. Since there are 2Bn+ users worldwide, the feature is rolling out in phases and you should get it on your phone soon. Give it a few days and you should have the option to ‘Create Channel’.

Top Channels on WhatsApp

As with any other social media channel be it Snapchat or Threads, people usually flock to it during the early days to gain traction. Some of the top channels that you will find on WhatsApp are:
– Netflix (4.1Mn followers)
– Technical Guruji (55K followers)
– Real Madrid C.F. (6M)
– FC Barcelona (4.7M)
– Liverpool Football Club (3M)
– Nas Daily (1M)
– Katrina Kaif (1.4M)
– Akshay Kumar (725K)
– Mumbai Indians (571K)
– Moneycontrol (548K)
– TechBurner (178K)
– Finance With Sharan (165K)
– Technology Gyan (187K), etc.
[As of 13:07 IST – September 16]

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