To reduce traffic at the toll plazas, the Government of India made a rule that pan India all vehicles traveling through toll plazas will have to pay toll charges using FASTag. NHAI rolled out the program for Electronic Toll collection on Toll Plazas on National Highways called FASTag.

So, now every time one’s vehicle crosses a toll plaza on highways, money is deducted from the FASTag account and thus it is mandatory to check the FASTag balance at all times to avoid any inconvenience while traveling.

What is a FASTag?

It is an electronic toll collection chip based on Radio Frequency Identification technology that automatically deducts toll amounts from the prepaid wallet or linked bank account. It saves time by eliminating the need to stop at a toll plaza for payment and lowers wastage of fuel as there is hardly any stoppage of vehicles at every toll booth.

You can check your SBI, IDFC, Axis, ICICI, and HDFC FASTag balance using the website, using the app, via SMS, and via customer care round the clock. Different ways can be used to check FASTag balance.

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How to check the balance in FASTag?

If you have a prepaid wallet or an attached bank account with FASTag, then there are 4 ways in which you can check SBI, IDFC, Axis, ICICI, and HDFC FASTag balance. You can use a website, an app, send SMS, or contact customer care at your convenience so that there is never an issue while traveling. So always check FASTag balance using any of these simple ways-

FASTag balance check using the website

  1. If you have to check SBI, IDFC, Axis, ICICI, or HDFC FASTag balance, you need to visit the FASTag issuer bank website.
  2. Log in to your account with relevant credentials.
  3. Check the balance as well as the detailed statement of all toll deductions.

FASTag balance check using the app

  1. Download My FASTag App that is linked to the NHAI prepaid wallet on Google Play Store or Apple Store on your phone.
  2. Or download the relevant mobile app of your FASTag prepaid wallet or bank account
  3. Log in with your credentials for the FASTag balance check.

FASTag balance check via SMS

It is one of the easiest and simplest methods to keep a check on your FASTag balance. You always get an SMS alert on the registered mobile number whenever there is any deduction on passing a toll plaza. The SMS also shows the FASTag balance amount, so you can check for the latest SMS in your inbox to know your FASTag balance.

FASTag balance check via Customer care

If you have an NHAI FASTag, give a missed call on +91-8884333331 (toll-free number) to get the FASTag balance. If your NHAI Prepaid wallet is linked with more than one vehicle, then the SMS you get shows the cumulative balance for all vehicles. Toll-free numbers for various bank’s FASTags are-

  • For HDFC FASTag balance check, give a missed call on +91-7208053999 or call on customer care number 18001201243.
  • For Axis FASTag balance check, give a missed call on +91-7287999990 or call on 18004198585 (toll-free).
  • For ICICI FASTag balance check-call on +91-8010928888 or call customer care number 18002100104.
  • For IDFC FASTag balance check-call on +91-9990243331 or call customer care number 18002669970.
  • For SBI FASTag balance check, give a call on customer care number 1800110018.

How to check FASTag balance in Paytm

For your Paytm FASTag, you get regular in-app notifications and SMSs about toll deductions and transactions.

  1. Check the latest SMS about FASTag transaction as it shows balance as well.
  2. You can also check all transactions in your Paytm passbook.
  3. For the FASTag balance check, you can also visit the ‘Manage FASTag’ section under the FASTag sub-wallet on the app.
  4. You can also check the FASTag balance on PayTM by calling on 18001204210.

If you have an existing PayTM account, then you don’t need to maintain a separate FASTag account. Just maintain a minimum balance in your PayTM wallet and not worry about recharging your FASTag account now and then. Toll deduction is automatically done from the PayTM wallet on crossing any Toll Plaza.

How to check FASTag balance in PhonePe

  1. Visit the ‘Recharge and Pay Bills’ section on the homepage of the app.
  2. Select the ‘See All’ option and then click on ‘FASTag Recharge’ under the ‘Recharges’ section.
  3. Choose your bank and enter the vehicle registration number in the relevant textbox and press confirm.
  4. Now, you will be able to see the details of your FASTag account, including the FASTag balance.

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Minimum Balance on FASTag

The NHAI has decided to do away with the mandatory minimum amount many months ago, but still, to avoid inconvenience it is suggested to have at least Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 in your FASTag account/wallet.

Insufficient funds in the FASTag account

If your FASTag doesn’t have enough balance, you will be able to pass through the 1st toll plaza of your journey, with your tag status showing low balance. So, before you reach the next toll plaza, either recharge your FASTag account or pay in cash, which will be twice what you pay toll via FASTag.


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