Is Google Photos Magic Editor going to change a lot of things in terms of editing?

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Google has been at the top of the innovation industry for a long time now. While the brand focused more on productivity and performance-related tools in the beginning, now it is also focusing on improving the camera prowess of devices. Keeping that in mind, Google pretty recently rolled out the Magic Editor, which is a new tool in the arsenal of Google Photos.

The same can be considered one of the most crucial steps in the photo editing segment as it uses generative AI to perform the edits. The demo of the same, along with its working, was shown by Google in the Google I/O 2023. Until now, the Magic Editor by Google is not available to use by the masses. Moving forward in this article, we will talk about the working, launch date, and impact of the Google Magic Editor, along with what we can expect in terms of productivity.

To recall, this is not happening for the first time that Google Photos is using AI to help users enhance the productivity on the platform at the time of its launch.

Google Photos Magic Editor: What is it, and how it works?

In simple terms, Google Photos Magic Editor is a new tool introduced by Google that works on generative AI technology and lets the user make complex edits to their photos. With the Magic Editor in action, one can remove unwanted objects and people from a photograph, reposition the subject, and even change the colors. The tools can easily recognize and differentiate between objects in a photo and allow the user to manipulate particular parts of the image. For example, the users will be able to fill in gaps and generate new pixels that will result in an edited photo that maintains a strong natural essence without the requirement of any professional tools.

When will we get to see the release of Magic Editor?

Google announced at the demo of Google Photos Magic Editor that it would enter the market later this year. However, one thing which the users should know here is that in the beginning, the tool will be available only for the Pixel phones that too in selected regions. As of now, we cannot say if the tool will be exclusively available for the upcoming Google Pixel 8 series or if it will make a debut for all the Pixel phones at the same time.

Whenever it launches, the users will be able to access the tools and take their editing to the next level by visiting Google Photos and working with the Magic Editor. As of now, there are no details regarding the launch of the features for other Android smartphones from different brands. However, speculations are that once the stable version rolls out for Pixel phones, after that, we will pretty soon see it making its debut for other Android smartphones.

Examples of Google Photos Magic Editor

Google tried its best to demonstrate the capabilities of the Magic Editor on an initial level. One such example that was represented in the Google I/O 2023 was an image of a woman in front of a waterfall. The presenter of the image intrigued everyone when he simply tapped on the woman, picked her up, and moved her to the other side of the frame, which was executed so smoothly for the first time ever. The best part about the same way that the gap created by moving the women from the original place was filled instantly.

After that, the presenter tapped on the overcast sky, and it instantly transitioned into a brighter cloudless blue one. The rapid transformation of the image was captivating for the audience at Google I/O 2023, without a doubt. Here we would like to mention that Google Photos Magic Editor wants to be a full-fledged package that consists of anything and everything related to photo editing and making them better in all the mentioned ways.

The main idea behind the same is that Google wants to and is eyeing to make photo editing pretty convenient and free for all. Google’s latest tool will definitely provide the authority of editing to the user to make the photo perfect in every sense, even if it has minimal relation to the real state in which the photograph was clicked.

On a concluding note

Samsung, one of the pioneers in photo editing features and camera capability, has already done things that are unachievable in the photography segment. The brand recently introduced an AI-based Space Zoom feature that allows the user to click breathtaking photos of the moon on the latest Galaxy smartphones. Now, the main reason why I mentioned it here is that it has been witnessed that Samsung phones are adding craters and other patches to the moon that are not actually present there to make the photo hyper-detailed.

This comes as a heartbreaker for a lot of people who were clicking the photos of the moon and were getting impressed by Samsung’s camera prowess. Nonetheless, this also gives a boost to the circulation of fake images and praising them as some of the best clicks.

The same is going to happen with the help of Google Photos Magic Editor, as the tool will help the users create a scene or an image that never really happened in the way it is being shown after the editing. That said, a lot of people use photo editors to make their pictures posting-ready. So the tool is going to be a boon for anyone who is into editing.

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