Almost three months past its official Google I/O debut, the Duo is all set to roll out worldwide.

A quick primer, for those who have difficulty recalling what Duo is all about (To be fair, it’s been a while).

Google Duo launched in India

Google’s Duo is a video calling app that aims to leech out all complexity involved in the process. With Duo, Google wants more and more people to experience and get used to making video calls.

You don’t have to sign-in or register before using it. The app syncs your contact list and lets you seamlessly place calls even on slow networks. The Duo also includes a Knock Knock feature that gives you a real-time glimpse of the caller before you take the call.

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The App has been solely designed for use on mobiles. There is no desktop version.

Here’s a video demonstration of how Google’s Duo work

At Google I/O, Duo was announced alongside Google Allo, a very intriguing chat messaging app for people. There is no official word on when the Allo would be hitting Play store, but Google hints that it is just around the corner.

Post Allo and Duo arrival, Google also plans on shifting longtime integrated messaging platform Hangouts to its enterprise suite of apps.

Google states that the Duo will reach consumers worldwide within next three days. Notably, the App is also available for iOS users starting from Day 1.

“Video calling is the next best thing to being with someone in person. We have designed the interface to be simple, easy and welcoming. In places like India, it has been designed to adapt to the network connectivity conditions. We hope to make the experience of video calling more personal, inviting easy and smooth”, said Amit Fulay, Group Product Manager, Google.

Download Google Duo App

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