Google’s popular services including Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Search suffered severe service disruption. Users took to social media to report the major outage from different parts of the world including India. Google has also issued a brief statement acknowledging the breakdown.

“We are investigating reports of an issue with Gmail. We will provide more information shortly,” shared on the Google Apps status page. Several users also reported trouble with Google Meet, Google Docs and Youtube uploads. It was also indicted on the Google App Status page.

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Twitter saw a number of complaints post screenshots flashing ‘something went wrong’ error message. While some saw the funny side and linked it with the scandalous 2020.

Shortly after the service disruption, #gmail started trending on twitter. Google has said that it is investigating the matter. At the time of writing this, we personally didn’t face any Google services disruption. Let’s hope this gets resolved soon for everyone. We will update this post once we hear more regarding this outage.


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