cortana review

Microsoft has been the mother of the most widely used operating system all across the globe. Windows has been powering the computers since the very early age of computers. And as the technology continues to develop, smartphones have come into the picture, and this picture of smartphones is now so big that they make a vital part of human life from personal to professional needs. While Microsoft, after acquiring Lumia series of Windows based smartphones, has been busy with disclosing some great marvels to take the brand to a new high like never before, at the same time it has been busy with the latest Windows version which has been named as Windows 10. Windows 10 has already been out for developers for testing purposes, and will soon be rolling out for regular users as well.

cortana for android

Apart from this, an app from Microsoft which has been a real life assistant, Microsoft Cortana has been a really impressive creation with some great accountability for assistance in almost every daily life activity. While the app continues to expand its network across various smartphones, Microsoft has made a big time achievement come through. Microsoft has now introduced Cortana for Android and iOS platforms as well. Earlier Cortana was reeling only on Windows based smartphones, and now all the smartphones can be loaded with this helpful assistant from Microsoft. This new app will allow you to configure your smartphone on your Windows 10 PC. This feature has been named as Phone Companion. This will allow you to connect the smartphone to a Windows 10 PC and then synchronize and share all your data across Microsoft features like One Drive, One Note, etc. The Phone Companion will be available in the Windows 10 technical preview as well. And the app will be available on Google Play for Android smartphones starting June 2015.



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