16 year old Boy dies in Ghaziabad due to TV explosion; two more injured

Know how to be safe from these situations

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In an incident that took place in Ghaziabad, a 16 years old boy lost his life along with two others getting injured in a TV explosion. The explosion resulted in collapsing of a portion of the wall too. This incident happened when two teenagers were watching a movie, and their maid was working around them. SHO, Tilamor police station Bhuveneshway Kumar said that there was no one else in the house at the time of the blast.

Now, this is something that is very rare as we scarcely get to listen to any case in which the television explodes. However, there are a few ways in which you can avoid any type of explosion; check them out.

  • Having a look at old and faulty wiring: The use of old and torn wires is nothing less than a clear invitation to these kinds of blasts. Make sure that all the wires used in the electricity setup of the house are in good condition, and make changes if they are not in a good state.
  • Circuit overload: Uneven use of extension chords can be a cause of fire and blasts too. When all the heavy usage devices like TV, laptop, computer, and others are plugged into the same extension chord, then the chances of heating and overloading increase to a drastic level. Moreover, the excess heat generation can also lead to the melting of the plastic over the wires.
  • Repair of no worth: Avoid getting your television sets and other electrical stuff repaired by local shops. Make sure that you are taking them to the official repair stores of the brand. This decreases the chances of any kind of short circuit or problems with the appliances.
  • Poor quality capacitor: Talking about the TV capacitor, it is a small electronic device that can be used with the TV to filter electrical charges. If the quality of the capacitor is not decent, then it can break down and cause issues with the TV set. Similarly, capacitors that get overheated can also become a reason for the fire in a TV.
  • Have a hold on voltage fluctuation: Voltage fluctuation on a considerable level can also cause fire hazards to the TV. Make sure you have a voltage regulator if the problem of Voltage fluctuation is prominent in your geographical region.
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