Are you getting WhatsApp calls from unknown international numbers? Beware!

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Are you receiving calls from international numbers on WhatsApp? Beware, it could be a scam in progress. WhatsApp users have been complaining about the proliferation of spam calls and messages on WhatsApp, especially from unknown international numbers.

According to the reports, WhatsApp users have complained about international numbers from countries such as Kenya (+254), Ethiopia (+251), Indonesia (+62), Malaysia (+60), and Vietnam (+84) among others. Since calls are VoIP (voice over internet protocol), they aren’t necessarily originating from the country the prefix code belongs to. The scamsters could be using a bunch of techniques to mask their identities such as using VPN to call using numbers obtained from agencies targeting WhatsApp users with calls and messages.

Note that the unknown calls aren’t coming from these aforementioned countries only. In fact, users have been receiving calls and messages from Morocco, and the United States as well.

A user shared a screenshot showing a WhatsApp message from an unknown number reaching out for a job giving up to INR 10,000 for liking YouTube videos. Some users claimed they have received multiple calls from these numbers in a day while a user pointed out how he receives at least two unknown calls on a daily basis. There are users who even got unknown calls from India itself. There is an inflation in the number of spam missed calls or calls from these scamsters which is annoying for users.

Just a few days ago, TRAI in India put forward AI filters to identify messages and calls from spammers and scammers. It should work on promotional calls and fake messages and soon, Reliance, Airtel, and Vodafone Idea will impose it starting May 1, 2023, when the rules swung into action.

What Should You Do When Receiving Unknown International Calls?

For those who are getting these types of spam calls, it is important to steer away from attending calls from unknown numbers. You can block these numbers and must report them to WhatsApp without fail.

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