With over 500,000 recorded cases globally, we are now well into the Coronavirus pandemic. These are unprecedented times and call for tough measures, including suspension of some basic services.

India is currently under lockdown, but consumers need not panic as provisions are being made for a smooth flow of essentials. No restriction on delivery services has been officially imposed. As we move forward, the flow of essential services and commodities including groceries is expected to improve.  

For now, if you are short on groceries and are looking for home delivery options in Delhi-NCR, here are some of the best available options. 

1. Big Bazaar

Big Bazaar has announced door-step deliveries in all major Indian cities. The market place has detailed numbers for different cities on which it is accepting orders via calls and Whatsapp. 

Here are the numbers for Delhi – NCR

Order numbers for other cities including Mumbai, Bengaluru, Agra, and Patna, you may check the Big Bazar twitter page.

2. BB Daily

Big Basket Dialy will continue delivering milk in Delhi NCR, but due to restrictions in movement of goods delivery of other groceries has been suspended. Big basket is working with the government to resolve the situations and its likely that they will resume taking new grocery orders in the next couple of days. 

3. Easyday Club

Easyday stores are accepting online orders via their website, but you will also have buy their 1-year club membership worth Rs. 999. Membership benefits also include 10% discount on all items and member-exclusive offers.

The Club also has an app for Delhi NCR members and if you have an Easyday store near your home, you can order groceries online.

4. Grofers

Grofers also had to face a temporary setback due to online stampede. Consumers can enter their Phone number and city details on the Grofers survey form and they will notify them with an SMS as soon as they start taking orders. 

5. Spencer’s stores

Spencer’s stores are offering online delivery in Noida (and perhaps other regions of Delhi- NCR). Deliveries have hit a temporary snag, but the system should be up and running soon. You can place your order on the contact number shown in the image above.

6. Amazon and Flipkart will restart deliveries soon

Amazon and Flipkart are also in talks with local authorities in Delhi-NCR and will resume grocery deliveries soon. Police will be issuing special passes to delivery boys.

The situation will get better soon

Due to overwhelming response and difficulty in ground movement, many doorstep deliveries are temporarily restricted. The situation is expected to improve once the panic subsides and after passes for delivery-guys are issued.


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