Apple blames third-party apps & iOS 17 bug causing overheating on iPhone 15 Pro

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It has been only ten days since the iPhone 15 series started shipping and if you look it up online, you will end up in a cloud of complaints from users right from X, Reddit, to Apple’s forums. Cut to now, Apple has taken a stand against the complaints that otherwise claimed titanium design is causing overheating problems on the iPhones.

Titanium design on iPhones isn’t contributing to overheating

Apple released a statement pointing out various reasons why the state-of-the-art iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max are getting overheated. Contrary to the speculations, the Cupertino-based giant refuted the use of titanium and aluminum frame warming the device. Instead, the giant has tagged third-party apps like Instagram and Uber causing the phone to overheat. However, the upcoming bug fix should resolve the issue once and for all, reportedly.

The tech giant further stated titanium and aluminum subframe is resilient to heat and wouldn’t succumb easily. In fact, it is better than the stainless steel frames Apple has been using, in many ways including thermal conductivity. There were reports floating on the internet how the lower curb weight and reduced thermal system on the new iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max is causing the devices to overheat. However, Apple has claimed that the iPhones are pretty safe to use with no thermal issues, structurally.

The company further added iOS 17 has been one of the contenders contributing to the overheating thanks to a recently discovered bug. However, it has been reportedly fixed with the iOS 17.1 rollout that you should get soon. Users who recently upgraded to iOS 17 may feel the device is getting warmer due to increased background activities, however, the phone will revert to normal in the coming few days as the software gets accustomed to your usage.

Apple ensures upcoming update won’t result in throttled performance. The reason why Apple felt the need to mention this is because of previous reports according to which, the Cupertino-giant will reportedly throttle the performance onboard A17 Pro SoC to bring down the heat production. For the unversed, this method works, however, it also ends up undermining the capabilities of what A17 Pro SoC can do which I don’t think so Apple will be ready to pump the breaks on just yet.

Ever since the iPhone 15 series rolled out, it has been plagued with issues right from CarPlay issues to overheating and beyond and that too when paying a hefty sum. For the unversed, iPhone 15 Pro Max 256GB is priced almost twice what the US version will cost you, however, this hasn’t stopped people from queuing up for hours to get their units.

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