airtel 4g in mumbai

The world now is at a speed which has seen no stopping by. With such a swift movement and a high speed, it becomes essentially important to have an internet that serves you all your purposes in the blink of an eye. All that we have known so far for high speed internet on smartphones, 3G is the newest thing for over a couple of years now. Though it has served quite wonderful speeds and it has been quite a real time experience to surf through with high speeds, but then technology is the second name of a non-stop travel. The successor to 3G is now here in the name of 4G and in India Airtel is the only network to offer this service at beginner level.

airtel 4g in chennai

Earlier we had known Airtel to commence 4G trials in Chennai, which have turned out to be petty successful. And now the reports confirm that Airtel has out the 4G network bandwidth in Mumbai as well. 4G is available in LTE variant only and Airtel has turned out to be the first one to get the head start in the new sector. As per the news, Airtel has partnered with Nokia to launch the Airtel 4G LTE FDD-LTE on 1800 MHz in six cirles in India, one of which is Mumbai.

The new launch should take the internet speeds to a new height. You can request for a new 4G compatible Airtel sim by logging on to and selecting Mumbai as your circle.


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