iPhone essentially has been a Single SIM phone, but in several Asian markets, dual SIM is a mandatory requirement for consumers. Especially in India, with the advent of Reliance Jio, almost everyone needs a free secondary SIM slot. Also, people who need to travel between places frequently could sure benefit from an extra SIM slot

So, if you looking for a way to add dual SIM support to your iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s, here are a couple of ways you could do that.


Works with: All iPhones starting from iPhone 4S, Android phones, all iOS versions

E-clips is a triple SIM Bluetooth adapter that’s as big as a credit card and seamlessly adds multiple SIM cards to your Android phone or iPhone. There are two SIM slots in e-clips, and combined with the one on your iPhone, you can use up to 3 SIM cards.

You can just insert your SIM cards in the E-clips adaptor, download the app on your phone and you are done. The adaptor goes in a case made by the same company (SIMore). If you upgrade your phone, you can also buy another case (you won’t have difficulty upgrading to the next gen iPhone) and keep using the same adaptor.

This solution, however, is a tad expensive. You can buy E-clips for Euros 109 (without case) from September 1 onwards. Another drawback is that you will have to charge it separately (2000mAh battery inside).

SIMore Adaptors

Works for: All iPhones, iPod touch, iPads, iWatch; All iOS versions, All Android Phones

The SiMore X-Twin 6 dual is basically a thin film adaptor. You can place a nano-SIM card in it and insert it in the SIM tray the regular way and when you are done, a very thin film stretches out through the narrow space between the SIM tray and metal body (yes, it’s that SLIM). You can now add the second SIM to the part of the adapter hanging out.

Only one SIM will be active at a time and you can switch between the two SIM cards without turning off your iPhone.

To do so,

Go to Settings > >Phone >> SIM Applications.

Or you can simply dial #22 to switch to second SIM, #33 to switch to third SIM and so on.

The SIMore menu is added automatically to your phone when you insert the adapter, you don’t have to install any app separately

The strip hanging out will look ugly, but you can always but a flexible case on top and tuck it underneath it.

SIMore has adapters for adding multiple SIM cards to iPhone ( from 2 to 5) that work with all iOS devices. There are different options for each phone with and without cases.

Buy from Here

The video below demonstrates the process better.

Mesuit case

Works for: iPhone 6, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus

Mesuit case is another way of adding dual SIM dual Standby support to your iPhone; And a lot more while you are at it.

The MediaTek SoC powered case has its own battery, memory, and storage and can also be used to run Android Lollipop on your phone via an App.

But the more useful part is, that you can add Dual SIM dual standby support to your iPhone using the Mesuit case that connects to it using the lightning port.

In India, you can buy the case for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 from Yehra.com for 9,990 INR

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Use Multiple SIM cards on iPhones

Using the above-mentioned methods, you can avail dual SIM or triple SIM support on your iPhones. The cheapest solution should be to go with Simore dual SIM adapters, but if you travel very often or need to access data from multiple SIM cards on your iPhones you could also use the E-clips adapter or Mesuit case.


  1. Excellent article and good option for me to use all my three sim cards on single iPhone 7.
    so I’ll choose the SIMore E-clips cause I need my 3 numbers to be connected at the same time.
    I saw its also a Wifi hotspot router to share internet accept of my data sim.
    Thanks again ! I am looking for such device since too long


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