From today onward, it will be possible to compare between Uber and Ola cab as options, and to hail whichever suits you best directly from Google Maps. The update is being rolled out for Android devices as of now, and will follow soon for iOS users.

Google Maps was already showing UberGo and UberX as transit options (i.e. if you had the uber app installed), and after the latest updates, Ola Mini, Ola Micro and Ola Sedan will also be listed.  Unlike before, these listings will be available under separate taxi tab, and allow you to compare prices and commute time from each service.



You can simply tap on a particular option and navigate to the respective app to complete transaction and hail the cab. Google explains how this can be helpful as follows.

“Having all your commuting options in one place makes it easier to make quick comparisons about the best route and get an estimated fare. When it makes sense, we’ll also show cab availability when viewing the map in walking or transit directions,” states the official press release.


Other new global partners include 99Taxis in Brazil, Hailo in the U.K. and Spain, mytaxi in Germany and Spain and Gett in the U.K.

This falls in line with the direction Google is evolving in. Before navigating, people will consider Google Maps as the first go to option rather than hopping to individual service apps or services like AroundYU. This will help Google shape consumer behavior and to maintain its prominence in long term. Of course the new feature should be quite useful for end consumers.


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