As the specs war reaches its saturation point, innovation could well be the next battleground for the makers to lure customers and prove their superiority over the competition. The smartphone manufacturers have already begun that work in that direction. It is evident from the Mobile World Congress 2017, where different brands showcase what their R&D teams been brewing. Chinese maker Xiaomi doesn’t want to be left behind in this next race and that’s exactly why it recently filed a patent regarding foldable smartphone in China.

xiaomi-foldable display

A report published in Gizmochina patent reveals that Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone to feature two separate displays which will fold inwards similar to a flip-phone. The phone will open at 160-degree giving a sort of curved display. Document reveal that there will an input section for typing and a display region.

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Well this is really not the first time we are reading about Xiaomi’s bendable display as almost a year back a concept display video popped up online showcasing a bent display. However, the authenticity of the video could not be established.

Xiaomi is not the only company that has been working on a bendable display. Display makers like LG and Samsung have already attained some success in that regards. Samsung was the first unveil a foldable smartphone with Galaxy X which was showcased at CES 2013, however, it is yet to be launched commercially.

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