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V Rising: Details you should know


V Rising is a vampire-survival game where lead character awake from a weakened stage after centuries of slumber.

V Rising is created by Stunlock Studios, Sweden. The game is, for now, available for Steam-specific platform.

Developer & Platform

Gamer play as a vampire to regain strength by hunting blood in midst of mythical horrors and danger.

Main Character

The key purpose of lead character is to hunt for blood, rebuild castle, and recruit humans as loyal servants.

Game Plot

Make allies to get benefit in battles, raid other's castles, show diplomacy, and be cautious against betrayal.

Game Strategy

As a vampire, it is important to leave the castle in the dark as sunlight will burn you into ashes.

Fear the Light

Construct your castle, train warriors, archers and mages to build an army, and combine weapons to compete.

GAIN Strength

In order to gain dark powers, discover ancient techniques with your knowledge and perform vampiric style rituals.

DARK Power

V Rising is now available for early access and its cost starts at ₹529 on the Steam platform. 

Game Availability