A mobile exploded during charging and an 8-month baby sleeping aside died. We often hear similar news, so we brought up a few reasons behind mobile explosions.

Top reasons why smartphones catch fire

Using a phone with a swollen battery can be risky. Keep an eye on re-shaping of your phone like bulging display or bloating rear panel. 

Battery warning signs

It's not a good idea to use a phone with a cracked screen and broken body as it lets water or sweat enter and cause severe damage.

Damaged phones

It is strictly not advised to charge your phone with a duplicate adapter and cable. Always use the one from the phone's brand.

Duplicate/Fake chargers

Don't put your phone on charging overnight. Also, don't plug it in even on slight discharge. It is advised to stop charging after 90% for better battery life.


Don't let your smartphone be exposed to extreme temperatures for long hours. This deteriorates your phone's battery the most.


Authorised company service centres repair your phone with a good care using original parts rather than local repair shops.

Repairing at local shop

Smartphones are multitasking but arrive with limited memory that can cause the chipset to behave inadvertently when gets too hot. 

Processor overload

Charging smartphone through car charging adapters and extension cords should be avoided as it may cause short-circuit.

Charging socket issue