Okinawa Autotech is in trouble again as one of the brand's dealership store catches fire in Tamil Nadu which first ignites from a EV scooter. Here's the complete detail.

Watch the viral video in slide four.

The incident took place at a retail outlet of Okinawa and the reason behind the massive outbreak is believed to be started from one of the e-scooters. No body is reported to be injured in the accident.

Earlier to this incident, the company has announced to recall 3,215 units of its Praise Pro electric scooters for battery defect check-up and redressal service post some previous fire accidents.

In the 29 seconds viral video, intense and thick black fumes can seen coming out from the Okinawa retail store.

Regular fire incidents in EV scooters are heavily raising alarms over the adoption of EV mobility in the country. Things are needed to be figured out and prominent design tactics should be taken to avoid these kinds of fire outbreak.