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Netflix Limits Password Sharing in these Countries

Netflix starts cracking down on password sharing in four countries - Canada, New Zealand, Portugal and Spain.

Netflix users in these countries will be asked to set a “primary location” for their Netflix accounts and manage who has access to it.

Users will still be able to watch Netflix when they travelled, both on their personal devices and logging in other places, for example in a hotel.

Netflix users can share their account with up to 2 people who do not live with them by paying for extra members.

Monthly fee charged per extra user: Canada - CA$7.99 New Zealand - NZ$7.99 Portugal - 3.99 Euro Spain - 5.99 Euro

Netflix has more than 231 million paid subscribers in 190 countries while 100 million households are currently sharing their accounts with others

Netflix said it is trying to curb password sharing as it impacts its ability to invest in new shows, films and programming.

After Netflix, Swiggy also begins cracking down on password sharing, 'Swiggy One' can be used in 2 phones only.