Man orders

PS5 from Amazon

Receives 2 Speakers Instead

A man recently become victim of online delivery scam when he gets two speakers in place of PS5 Gaming Console .

A reddit user has posted that he ordered PS5 God of War Ragnarok bundle during Amazon’s latest sale, and got scammed.

The customer had bought the PS5 from the seller named Kay Kay Overseas Corporation while the order came from Electronics Bazar Store.

When he received the package he noticed that he had been sent two Bluetooth speakers instead of PS5 console.

The purchaser had recorded the delivery and unpacking of the order and is currently awaiting a resolution from Amazon.

The customer has reached out to Amazon support, and the support team has asked the customer to wait for three days as they investigate.

The buyer has suggested others not to purchase the PS5 console from these sellers and instead go to offline stores.